What is a Jewish Schvitz?

What is a Jewish Schvitz?

No place in New York has steam like the schvitz, the Yiddish slang term for steam bath.

What is a Sphitz?

noun. (also schvitz) informal North American. 1A sauna or steam bath.

What is bashert in Hebrew?

Bashert (or beshert; Yiddish: באַשערט) means “destiny”.

Where does the word Shvitzing come from?

The Word Mavens are shvitzing (v. Yiddish: to sweat heavily). In our Dictionary of Jewish Words, it’s a little ironic that shvitz is the entry right above shwarma – the Arabic word for spicy meat that roasts on a spit over an open flame.

What does schlep mean in Yiddish?

To drag or haul
Schlep: To drag or haul (an object); to walk, esp. to make a tedious journey (שלעפּן‎, shlepn; cf. German: schleppen; OED, MW). German: Schlamassel; OED).

Are bathhouses still a thing?

Gone are the days when bathhouses drew crowds just by offering a discreet place for gay men to meet, share saunas and, often, have sex. In the last decade bathhouses, including ones in San Diego, Syracuse, Seattle and San Antonio, have shut down and the total nationwide is less than 70.

What does klezmer mean in English?

1 : a Jewish instrumentalist especially of traditional eastern European music. 2 : the music played by klezmorim.

What does the word Plotz mean in English?

[ plots ] SHOW IPA. / plɒts / PHONETIC RESPELLING. verb (used without object) Slang. to collapse or faint, as from surprise, excitement, or exhaustion.

Where does the last name Spitz come from?

Spitz Family History. 14-Day Free Trial. GET STARTED. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from German Spitz ‘point’, a topographic name for someone who lived by a pointed hill or by a field with an acute angle, or a habitational name from any of the numerous minor places throughout Germany named with this word.

What is the meaning of the word Schvitz?

Schvitz: to be nervous. Durchshvitz (/doorkh*shvitz/): to persevere. Schvitz (noun): a steam bath, where people sweat. Schvitzer (noun, adjective): a big shot (who can afford to sit in a schvitz and shoot the breeze with fellow schvitzers)

What does the word shpritz mean in Yiddish?

(African-American jazz is often thought of as the only such legitimate claimant. Curiously, “jazz” is slang for ejaculate: shpritz is Yiddish for “spray.” Talk amongst yourselves.) Lenny worshipped the gods of Spontaneity, Candor and Free Association. He fancied himself an oral jazzman.

What does schpritz mean in the Dutch language?

I’m PA dutch, and Schpritz is used to describe a light drizzle or spraying something, like an aerosol can. If your spitting as you talk, you could imagine somebody telling you you’re schpritzing all over me. It’s not actually an English word; it’s slang, most likely of German and/or Yiddish origin.

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