What is Dhoni surname?

What is Dhoni surname?

Mahendra Singh Pansingh Dhoni
Mahendra Singh Dhoni/Full name

Who is the poorest cricketer in IPL?

Nathu Singh The pacer’s childhood was full of financial struggles. But IPL changed the fortunes of his family, even though the fast bowler is yet to make a mark on his name. In 2016 Nathu Singh was sold for INR 3.2 Crores to Mumbai Indians. Unfortunately, he didn’t get as many chances in the franchise to prove himself.

Who hit longest six in ODI?

cricketer Shahid Afridi
Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi unofficially holds the record for the longest six in cricket history when he cleared 158 metres against South Africa in the 3rd ODI at Johannesburg on March 17, 2013.

Who hit longest six?

Liam Livingstone’s spectacular 122-metre hit against Pakistan is one of the longest sixes ever recorded in international cricket.

Who is the Sixer King of cricket?

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma – 244 Indian opener Rohit Sharma can be crowned as the ‘Sixer King’ among the current generation of players. He has hit 244 sixes and 832 fours in his career so far.

What kind of religion does MS Dhoni follow?

Caste or religion is asked in every government exam form in India. So Whole India is Racist? Everyone here are racist??? Dhoni follows hinduism but he is muslim.

Is the Dhoni family a Brahmin or Rajput?

No MS Dhoni is not a Brahman rather he is a Rajput.His father was employed in Ranchi.He hails from Uttarakhand.Dhoni’s sister is married to a Gupta/Bania.Now Dhoni has lost his caste identity .His family is now Cosmopolitan. 1st of all, MS DHONI is an INDIAN.he is India’s most loved son.

Why was MS Dhoni not selected for 2015 World Cup?

None of those players featured in the 2015 World Cup probables list and Dhoni was speculated to have influenced the non-selection of these players and fans of the aforementioned cricketers did not take the news well. YU HI VIRAT USE APNA CAPTAIN NAHI MANTA DHONI IS A LEGEND WITHOUT WHICH THE INDIAN TEAM CAN’T WIN ANY TROPHY

When did MS Dhoni make his debut in cricket?

Ever since Dhoni made his debut in International cricket in 2004, the limited-overs skipper has endured a roller-coaster ride in the game. Dhoni as captain has managed to take his team to great heights by winning the 2007 ICC World T20, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup at home and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, among other feats.

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