What is meant by readily available?

What is meant by readily available?

promptly; quickly; easily: The information is readily available.

What’s another word for readily available?

What is another word for readily available?

in season available
accessible attainable
procurable achievable
acquirable gettable
realizableUS securable

What does it mean to do something readily?

If you do something readily, you do it in a way which shows that you are very willing to do it. I asked her if she would allow me to interview her, and she readily agreed. Synonyms: willingly, freely, quickly, gladly More Synonyms of readily.

What does it mean if something is not readily available?

adv. 1 promptly; eagerly; willingly. 2 without difficulty or delay; easily or quickly.

Can a person be readily available?

Readily available means the physician must be in near proximity and is able to be contacted either in person or by telecommunications or other electronic means to provide consultation and advice to the practitioner performing delegated medical acts.

What is the difference between available and accessible?

accessible 1 (of a place) able to be reached or entered. 1.1 Able to be easily obtained or used. available 1 Able to be used or obtained; at someone’s disposal.

What is the synonym of soaring?

Synonyms for soaring. rocketing, shooting (up), skyrocketing, zooming.

Where is readily used?

Used with verbs: “They readily accepted the decision.” “He readily admitted to cheating on the test.” “She readily understood the situation.” “She tends to readily forgive children.”

What type of adverb is readily?

readily adverb (WILLINGLY)

What is the difference between availability and accessibility in memory?

Thus, availability in memory reflected systematic differences in brain activity between items that were successfully remembered (Rc+Rn+) and items that were inaccessible (Rc−Rn+) relative to items that were forgotten (Rc−Rn−), whereas accessibility reflected systematic differences in brain activity between available …

What does not accessible mean?

: difficult or impossible to reach, approach, or understand : not accessible.

What is the difference between soar and soaring?

As verbs the difference between soaring and soar is that soaring is mounting on the wing; rising aloft; towering in thought or mind while soar is to fly aloft with little effort, as a bird.

What is a antonym of Soar?

soar. Antonyms: drop, sink, descend, alight. Synonyms: rise, mount, tower, aspire, ascend, uprise.

How do you use the word readily?

Readily Sentence Examples

  1. We all readily agreed.
  2. We readily agreed in spite of the late Friday night hour.
  3. Some understand her readily; others do not.
  4. These may readily be seen after appropriate staining.
  5. This was an odd way of proving something, for, as every one can readily see, it proved nothing.

Is readily a adverb?

readily adverb (WILLINGLY)

Is readily is a adverb?

readily adverb (PREPARED) quickly or easily: The complete collection is now readily available to researchers through the Internet.

What is state Dependant forgetting?

State-dependent forgetting occurs when your mood or physiological state during recall is different from the mood you were in when you were learning.

What can explain forgetting from long term memory?

Forgetting information from short term memory (STM) can be explained using the theories of trace decay and displacement. Forgetting from long term memory (LTM) can be explained using the theories of interference, retrieval failure and lack of consolidation.

Why is D drive not accessible?

The problem titled “Disk D: is not accessible. Access is denied” ? may occur with your SSD or HDD from another computer or because somebody has improperly amended the permission to access the disk in the Security settings.

How do I fix drive is not accessible?

Effective Solutions

  1. Right-click on the inaccessible hard drive, select Properties.
  2. Step 1:Plug in your external hard drive, USB drive, or memory card to your PC.
  3. Step 2:Open a Command Prompt.
  4. Step 3: In the new Command Prompt window, type chkdsk E: /f /r.
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