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What is the meaning broadminded?

What is the meaning broadminded?

: willing to accept opinions, beliefs, or behaviors that are unusual or different from your own.

What is the meaning of narrow-minded and broad-minded?

: not willing to accept opinions, beliefs, behaviors, etc. that are unusual or different from one’s own : not open-minded. Other Words from narrow-minded Synonyms & Antonyms Learn More About narrow-minded.

What is the difference between open-minded and broad-minded?

So, one can tell an open-minded person something new, and he will consider it and then accept or reject it. In contrast, a broad-minded person has the motto “each to his own” and accepts a broad(wide) range of ideas and people as they are.

What is the synonym of broadminded?

Synonyms for broad-minded. open, open-minded, receptive.

Why is it bad to be open-minded?

Being too open-minded will condemn a person to being eternally unmoored; Being too open-minded will make a person vulnerable to bad ideas and poor reasoning.

How can I be open-minded?

How to Be More Open-Minded Today

  1. Warm your mind up for opening.
  2. Plant seeds of doubt in your brain.
  3. Do some blind-spotting.
  4. Change something other than your mind.
  5. Do a blind taste test.
  6. Go but-less.
  7. Get some perspective.
  8. Ask yourself better questions.

What do you call a narrow minded person?

1 bigoted, biased, partial, intolerant, illiberal, self-righteous.

How can you tell if a girl is open minded?

Characteristics of Open-Minded People

  1. They are curious to hear what others think.
  2. They are able to have their ideas challenged.
  3. They don’t get angry when they are wrong.
  4. They have empathy for other people.
  5. They think about what other people are thinking.
  6. They are humble about their own knowledge and expertise.

How can you tell if someone is closed minded?

Closed-minded people are more interested in proving themselves right than in getting the best outcome. They don’t ask questions. They want to show you where you’re wrong without understanding where you’re coming from. They get angry when you ask them to explain something.

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