What is the word Exodus means?

What is the word Exodus means?

1 capitalized : the mainly narrative second book of canonical Jewish and Christian Scripture — see Bible Table. 2 : a mass departure : emigration.

Where does the word Exodus come from?

The English name Exodus comes from the Ancient Greek: ἔξοδος, romanized: éxodos, lit. ‘way out’, from ἐξ-, ex-, ‘out’ and ὁδός, hodós, ‘path’, ‘road’.

How do you use the word exodus in a sentence?

1, A massive exodus of doctors is forcing the government to recruit from abroad. 2, There has been a mass exodus of workers from the villages to the towns. 3, There is always an exodus to the coast at holiday times. 4, I joined the mass exodus for drinks during the interval.

How do you use the word Exodus in a sentence?

How do you use the word penitent in a sentence?

Penitent in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The penitent husband spends days at his wife’s grave because he regrets not spending more time with her.
  2. When the judge sentences a criminal to prison, he hopes the offender will become penitent and regret his bad choices.
  3. The penitent sinner asked for forgiveness during his confessional.
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What are the major themes of exodus?


  • Freedom and Confinement.
  • Family and Community.
  • The Rise of Civilization.
  • Stubbornness.
  • The Covenant.
  • Law and Society.
  • Reputation.

    What is the point of Exodus wallet?

    The Wallet This is the point where people spend most of the time sending and receiving digital coins. The Exodus wallet, like others such as Jaxx, operates through a set of codes that help users link and manage their coins in various blockchains.

    How do you use the word pensive in a sentence?

    Pensive sentence example

    1. He was pensive for a moment.
    2. She appeared pensive and shrugged.
    3. We were pensive as we tried to fathom what was occurring.
    4. Xander spent another moment in pensive silence before he rose.

    Is it safe to use Exodus wallet?

    1. Use a hardware wallet. Exodus, being a software wallet, is only as secure as the computer it’s installed on and your security practices, and that’s what we are addressing in this article. But still, even after Tier 4, you’ll only be 99.9% protected, because no computer can ever reach 100%.

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