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What is the word for being accused of something?

What is the word for being accused of something?

Accuse is often followed by the person being accused, the word of, and the specific wrongdoing, as in The teacher accused Ted of cheating. It’s also commonly used in a passive way, as in Ted was accused of cheating. When you accuse someone of something, you’re making an accusation.

What is the opposite of being accused?

Opposite of past tense for to accuse of wrongdoing. absolved. exonerated. cleared. vindicated.

What is a word for wrongly accused?

noun defamation
The noun defamation describes something very mean and completely deliberate, essentially a false accusation against someone or an attack on a person’s good reputation.

How do you use accused in a sentence?

Accused sentence example

  1. His voice was calm, but his eyes accused her.
  2. Had Mary accused him as well?
  3. He practically accused you of causing the accident!
  4. Yup.
  5. On his return to Rome (S4) he was accused of extortion in his province.
  6. I was accused of abducting her.
  7. The accused himself would be hot to eliminate his accuser.

What are 2 synonyms for accusation?

synonyms for accusation

  • allegation.
  • complaint.
  • denunciation.
  • indictment.
  • attribution.
  • beef.
  • insinuation.
  • rumble.

What is another word for falsely?

1 mistaken, incorrect, wrong, untrue. 2 untruthful, lying, mendacious. 3 insincere, hypocritical, disingenuous, disloyal, unfaithful, inconstant, perfidious, traitorous. 4 misleading, fallacious.

What’s the meaning of Accuses?

1 : to charge with a fault or offense : blame He accused her of being disloyal. 2 : to charge with an offense judicially or by a public process He was accused of murder.

Is blame and accuse the same thing?

BLAME – to say or think that a person is responsible for something wrong; hold someone responsible for an accident, bad situation or a problem. ACCUSE – to say that a person did something wrong or illegal; to charge with offense, fault or crime. Examples: I blamed him for crashing my car.

What do you call a false statement?

A false statement is a statement that is not true. Although the word fallacy is sometimes used as a synonym for false statement, that is not how the word is used in philosophy, mathematics, logic and most formal contexts. A lie is a statement that is known to be untrue and is used to mislead.

What falsely means?

1 : not genuine, authentic, or legitimate — compare counterfeit. 2a : not true or correct especially : intentionally or knowingly untrue or incorrect injured by false accusations. b : intended to mislead or deceive : deceptive, misleading — compare fraudulent. Other Words from false. falsely adverb.

What does an unlawful absence mean?

Unlawful Absences: Any unexcused absence for pupils of compulsory school age is also unlawful. When a student is unlawfully absent, a notice will be sent to the parent/guardian. Exceptions: In unusual circumstances a child may not be able to attend school for severe psychological or medical reasons.

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