What percent of Mormons live outside the US?

What percent of Mormons live outside the US?

56 percent
The LDS Church released several statistics regarding membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world. The LDS Church has 14,782,478 members worldwide, with 56 percent living outside the United States and Canada.

Is the Mormon Church still growing?

The membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) as of December 31, 2020, was 16,663,663. LDS church membership growth no longer outpaces the world population growth rate, which was around 1.05% in 2020, meaning the Church is growing slower than the earth’s population is growing.

Where are the Mormons in the United States?

Some of the states with the smallest percentage of Mormons include Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, and New Hampshire. Mexico has the highest population of Mormons outside the U.S. with their number increased from 1,197,573 in 2010 to 1,417,011 in 2018.

How many Mormons live in Salt Lake City Utah?

Mormons in Utah account for 67.70% of its population. A total of 2,065,808 Mormons live in Utah. Utah State is home to 16 Mormon temples, including the world’s largest Mormon temple (pictured above). The Salt Lake Temple, located at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah is the largest LSD temple by floor area at 253,015 sq ft.

How many Mormons live in the state of New Mexico?

Mormon Population By State Rank State Estimated Mormon Population Total State Population Percentage of Mormon Residents 11 New Mexico 69,617 2,081,015 3.35% 12 Colorado 151,884 5,540,545 2.74% 13 California 771,464 39,250,017 1.97% 14 North Dakota 11,256 757,952 1.49%

Which is the state with the highest percentage of Mormons?

The state of Utah has the highest percentage of Mormons. The states with the largest populations of Mormons are those within the Mormon Corridor, an area in the Western United States heavily settled by Mormons in the late 19th century. Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming have the largest Mormon populations in the United States.

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