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What religion are the Belchers?

What religion are the Belchers?

They’re Catholic…and it has been mentioned before. Also, the kids and bar mitzvahs come up a lot. When did they say they were catholic?

What race is Bob’s Burger family?

Loren Bouchard describes their ethnicity as, “For better, for worse we gave [the main characters] the name Belcher so at least one of Bob’s parents hails from some French or French-Canadian lineage. But in a perfect world, we’d have the show about a sort of Greek-Armenian-Italian-Jewish-German polyglot.”

Was Bob’s Burgers supposed to be about cannibals?

The plot of “Human Flesh” is based on the original premise for Bob’s Burgers, in which the Belchers were a family of cannibals who actually did make their burgers from human flesh. This idea was eventually scrapped, and the overall tone and direction of the show changed.

What is Bob’s Burgers based on?

”Bob’s Burgers,” an animated series created by Adult Swim veteran Loren Bouchard, debuted in January of 2011. Since then, the show ― based on the lives of the Belchers (Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise) ― has amassed a devoted following, one especially prone to spreading intricate fan theories across.

Is Louise Belcher a sociopath?

Sure, Tina is socially awkward, Gene is weird and pungent, and Louise is a sociopath, but they’re all Belchers, and that comes before pretty much everything else in their lives.

What’s wrong with Tina from Bob’s Burgers?

She has not been diagnosed. In episode one, Bob clearly states that Tina is not autistic. However, although Bob tells us that Tina is not diagnosed, she does display some autistic tendencies.

Is Tina from Bob’s Burgers autistic?

A defining aspect of Tina’s personality is her intense, precocious interest in sex and relationships. However, this is shown to be an innocent, age-appropriate interest. Louise says that it isn’t her fault because she’s autistic, but Bob quickly says Tina isn’t autistic.

Was Bob’s Burgers Cancelled?

Bob’s Burgers has been renewed through its 13th season. Season 12 debuts September 26, 2021. Stay tuned for further updates. Want to automatically receive updates about this TV show?

Does Tina on Bob’s burgers have autism?

A defining aspect of Tina’s personality is her intense, precocious interest in sex and relationships. Louise says that it isn’t her fault because she’s autistic, but Bob quickly says Tina isn’t autistic.

Did Helen on Bob’s burgers kill her husband?

Helen takes Linda up to the widow’s walk and tells her that she never killed her husband. As the rest of the family gathers around Teddy and helps him up, a drugged Bob reaches into the mud and discovers a box filled with a hammer and pulled-out nails, indicating that Helen really did murder her husband.

Does Tina on Bob’s Burgers have autism?

Why does Louise always wear her hat?

This episode clearly establishes that Louise’s ears are more than an accessory to her; they’re a source of security, which is where the theory comes into play. The fan theory states one major reason behind Louise wearing the hat is that she fears she looks too much like her mother, Linda.

Does Louise from Bob’s Burgers have autism?

Why is Millie so obsessed with Louise?

For some unknown reason, she is obsessed with being Louise’s best friend, and Louise in general; she tends to harrass and follow her without Louise knowing. Besides wanting to be friends with Louise, she also wants to be near her all the time, dress alike, do everything together, etc.

Why does Louise hate Mr. Frond?

Louise frequently describes Mr. Frond as “sad”, “lonely”, “pathetic” & unliked. The two are frequent enemies and occasional allies. Louise claims that Frond has it out for her, but in fact loves to mess with him as seen in episodes like “Broadcast Wagstaff School News” & “The Quirk-ducers”.

Is Tina from Bob’s Burger autistic?

Louise says that it isn’t her fault because she’s autistic, but Bob quickly says Tina isn’t autistic.

Does Jean from Bob’s Burgers have autism?

In an interview Eugene Mirman describes him as “a savant who isn’t confined to gender norms” so yes it appears that at least in his characterisation that he is on the autistic spectrum.

Why does Louise wear bunny ears?

According to Creator Loren Bouchard in an interview with The AV Club, Louise’s signature rabbit ears are based off a character from the anime Tekkonkinkreet, claiming “You get a little cognitive dissonance where you experience Louise both as a little girl and Bugs Bunny at the same time.”

Does Tina Belcher have autism?

Was Helen a killer Bobs Burgers?

At the end of the episode, we learn Helen did actually murder her husband. Once again, Bob’s Burgers goes a little darker including murder. What makes this episode especially creepy is Helen. Voiced by Kaitlin Olson, she plays the right amount of charming while still being mysterious.

They’re Catholic…and it has been mentioned before.

Is Bob’s Burgers Tina autistic?

When voting who would serve a customer they thought was a child molester in “Human Flesh,” Bob says they shouldn’t let Tina serve him because she is bad with customers. Louise says that it isn’t her fault because she’s autistic, but Bob quickly says Tina isn’t autistic.

Who is Bob Belcher’s best friend?

Walter Russo
Walter Russo is an unseen character mentioned in “Friends with Burger-fits” who Bob considered his best friend even though they hadn’t spoken in six years.

Why does Louise wear the bunny ears?

Why does Louise wear a bunny hat?

Why Louise wears bunny ears It’s never quite explained why; maybe she has a bald spot she’s hiding (like her father), or the hat allows her to hide from the world in some small way. That animal instinct is alive and well in Louise, as are references to Japanese pop culture in Bob’s Burgers.

Who are the parents in Bob’s burgers?

The series centers on the Belcher family—parents Bob and Linda and their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise—who run a hamburger restaurant. The show was conceived by Bouchard after he developed Home Movies. Bob’s Burgers is a production by Bento Box Entertainment and 20th Television .

What’s the best review of Bob’s burgers?

This review… Bob’s Burgers is an excellent show for adults — it is really well written and voiced, it’s quite clever, and it pushes the boundaries of good taste. For the kids, you’ll want to preview it to see if it’s right for your family as it definitely delves into subject-matter that is off the This review…

Are there any swear words on Bobs burgers?

Swearing: • nothing worse than damn or hell. In fact, that’s the only swear words they say on the show Drinking: •• a character is seen drunk. But nothing else. Being a Bobs Burgers Superfan myself I recommend this to anyone over the age of 10

Who is the biggest rival of Bob’s burgers?

His biggest rival is Jimmy Pesto, who owns an Italian restaurant called “Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria,” which is located directly across the street and is generally more successful, creating tension between the two owners. As well as assisting in the restaurant, the Belcher children all attend Wagstaff School.

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