What religion resulted from the blend of Aryan and Indian cultures?

What religion resulted from the blend of Aryan and Indian cultures?

When the Aryan cultures mixed with the culture of the people what religion was formed? Hinduism developed.

The Vedic religion was the religion of some of the Vedic Indo-Aryan tribes, the aryas, who migrated into the Indus River valley region of the Indian subcontinent.

Which religion came to India first?

Hinduism, known endonymically as Sanatan Dharm, is often regarded as the oldest religion in the world, with roots tracing back to prehistoric times, over 5,000 years ago. Hinduism spread through parts of Southeastern Asia, China, and Afghanistan. Hindus worship a single god with different forms.

What kind of influence did the Aryans have on India?

The Aryans had an enormous influence in India where the caste system is still prevalent in modern day. The Aryans were the warrior nomadic people that migrated to the Indian subcontinent with their influential culture, religion and language.

How did the Dravidian culture merge with the Aryan culture?

Hinduism is the fruit that emerged from the complex mixing of the Dravidian culture and the Aryan culture (Wolpert 575). Their deities, epics, religious texts and history merged to form the fundamental pillars of Hinduism (Wolpert 575).

What was the difference between the Dayus and the Aryans?

The Aryans were comprised of quite different physical and cultural features in contrast to the Dayus; the Aryans were a white race and the Dayus were a dark race (Sharma 846). The primal Indians in the north believed in supreme gods and spirits and never believed in idolatry (Snaitang, 2004).

Which is the best definition of the term Aryan?

Aryan is a term that can define a linguistic group, which is a group of people classified as speaking the same language, or can be defined as a race, which is a group of people who comprise of specific and distinct characteristic (Kosambi 72).

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