What words appear only once in the Bible?

What words appear only once in the Bible?

Many Protestant religions state the word GIRL is the only word which appears once in the Bible. (see Joel 3:3 for GIRL and Zechariah 8:15 for GIRLS). But, according to Jewish scholars of the Talmud, the name HADASSAH is listed once. It is the name of Esther (Esther 2:7).

What is the meaning of hapax legomenon?

: a word or form occurring only once in a document or corpus.

What is the plural of hapax?

Noun. hapax (plural hapaxes) Ellipsis of hapax legomenon quotations ▼

What is the meaning of Honorificabilitudinitatibus?

Honorificabilitudinitatibus (honōrificābilitūdinitātibus, Latin pronunciation: [hɔnoːrɪfɪkaːbɪlɪtuːdɪnɪˈtaːtɪbʊs]) is the dative and ablative plural of the medieval Latin word honōrificābilitūdinitās, which can be translated as “the state of being able to achieve honours”.

What is Hapax Legomena and what does it mean in the context of Beowulf?

The word æppelfealu in line 2165 of Beowulf is a hapax legomenon meaning something like “apple-brown” — it occurs nowhere else in the Old English corpus and is apparently the poet’s own unique, playful way of describing the brownish-red color of bay horses.

What does Hapax mean in Greek?

being said once
Hapax legomenon is a transliteration of Greek ἅπαξ λεγόμενον, meaning “being said once”.

How many times does the word faith appear in the New Testament?

Other bible versions have varying counts: Faith appears 458 times in the New International Version, 389 in the New King James Version, 378 in the New American Standard Bible and 521 in the Good News Bible (GNB).

How many times is God mentioned in the Bible?

“According to Strong’s Concordance, the term God is mentioned 4473 times in 3893 verses in the KJV.”

What is the meaning of Antiestablishmentarianism?

But I happen to know an eleven-syllable word, which is defined by Wikipedia: Antiestablishmentarianism (or anti-establishmentarianism) is a political philosophy that views a nation’s or society’s power structure as corrupt, repressive, exploitative, or unjust.

What does Electroencephalographically mean?

(ĭ-lĕk′trō-ĕn-sĕf′ə-lə-grăf′) n. An instrument that measures electrical potentials on the scalp and generates a record of the electrical activity of the brain. Also called encephalograph.

What are the two Greek words?

‘Hapax legomenon’ as a term became briefly prominent in Britain following the 2014–15 University Challenge Final, after videos went viral of Gonville and Caius student Ted Loveday swiftly giving it as a correct answer when presenter Jeremy Paxman had only managed to ask “Meaning ‘said only once’, what two-word Greek …

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