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What year was murder among the Mormons?

What year was murder among the Mormons?

Netflix’s latest true crime documentary series, Murder Among the Mormons, chronicles the strange events surrounding a trio of bombings that rocked Salt Lake City, and especially the Mormon community, in October 1985.

How many series of murder among the Mormons are there?

3 Murder
How many episodes are there in Murder Among The Mormons season 1? There are a total of 3 Murder Among the Mormons Episodes currently airing on Netflix. Netflix has defined the show as a limited series, which means it’s a single season that focuses on the whole story with no chance of a future season.

Is Murder Among the Mormons on Netflix a true story?

‘Murder Among the Mormons’ Duo on Their Personal History With the True-Crime Saga. The story behind the mysterious 1985 Utah bombings plays out “unlike anything out there as it relates to religion and murder and deception,” Jared Hess tells The Hollywood Reporter of his and Tyler Measom’s Netflix docuseries.

Who was behind the Mormon bombings?

Mark Hofmann
Widely regarded as one of the most accomplished forgers in history, Hofmann is especially noted for his creation of documents related to the history of the Latter Day Saint movement. When his schemes began to unravel, he constructed bombs to murder three people in Salt Lake City, Utah….

Mark Hofmann
Weapons Mail bombs

Why did Mark Hoffman kill Christensen?

The bomb that killed Christensen was to take the pressure off two fraud schemes he had involved Christensen in, he wrote. The second bomb intended for Gary Sheets that his wife, Kathleen Sheets, picked up instead was a “pure diversion.” It was long believed that the third explosion was an accident.

Why did Hoffman kill Christensen?

Netflix’s Murder Among the Mormons explains why, in Hofmann’s mind, Steve Christensen had to die—because the ‘collection’ Hofmann was to sell him didn’t exist yet, and he was worried that time was finally up on his years-long forgery scams.

Why did Mark Hofmann bomb himself?

Hofmann had been forging for years and he tried to remain undetected by any means necessary. In the same interviews from prison, he admitted that the third bomb that exploded inside of his car was intentional — it was an attempt to take his own life.

Who killed Steve Christiansen?

Steve Christensen was a financial consultant who collected historical documents, and Kathy Sheets was the wife of Christensen’s former boss. Prosecutors say Mark Hofmann killed them by setting off bombs at their locations. Hofmann was injured one day later when another bomb accidentally went off.

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