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When can you evict a tenant in NH?

When can you evict a tenant in NH?

A landlord can legally evict a tenant only by sending a written notice to the tenant. This written notice must be in the form of a “written notice to quit or leave” which is a legal document. Eviction for not paying rent, damages to the property or danger to the health or safety of others require seven days’ notice.

When to give a landlord a New Hampshire eviction notice?

If a Landlord needs to end a month to month lease for no particular reason, meaning the tenant did not necessarily do anything wrong, then the Landlord should give the Tenant a New Hampshire Lease Termination Letter.

Is there an eviction moratorium in New Hampshire?

Enacted in September, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) eviction moratorium has provided relief for an increasing number of New Hampshire tenants. In early October, the CDC provided more guidance for tenants and landlords about how the moratorium works.

What are your rights as a tenant in New Hampshire?

Tenants’ Rights – Overview 1 Read information for Tenants during the COVID-19 State of Emergency here. 2 Your Rights As A Tenant in New Hampshire. When you rent housing, there are many laws that affect your relationship as a tenant with the landlord. 3 Rental Agreements – Leases. 4 Housing Standards. 5 Tenant Protections. …

Who is the Attorney for the New Hampshire eviction ban?

Jeff Goodrich is an attorney with the Legal Advice and Referral Center, which provides legal services for New Hampshire’s low-income families. He’s joined NHPR’s Peter Biello to talk about the end of the state’s eviction ban. Listening…

When to file an eviction in New Hampshire?

The seven-day notice informs the tenant that the tenant must either pay rent or move out of the rental unit within seven days of receiving the notice. If the tenant does not comply with the notice, then the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit against the tenant (see N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. § § 540:2–5 ).

Can a landlord evict a month to month tenant?

There are several reasons why a landlord may wish to evict a month-to-month tenant. Perhaps the tenant is violating the law, fails to pay rent or acts violently. Maybe the landlord wishes to sell the property and needs the tenant to leave in order to complete the sales transaction. Whatever the reason, landlords must

When do you become a tenant in New Hampshire?

If your lease expires and you are not offered a new one, you become a month-to-month tenant. If you do not have a lease, the landlord can increase the rent, but must give written notice of the increase (or any other significant change), 30 days in advance.

What happens if you don’t pay rent in New Hampshire?

Nonpayment of rent – If a New Hampshire tenant fails to pay rent then the landlord may issue a 7-Day Notice to Pay or Quit. If the tenants still fail to pay, then the landlord may file a Summons and Complaint with a local court. Lease violation – If a lease violation occurs, then a tenant is entitled to receive a 30-Day Notice to Cure or Quit.

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