When did Ismailis originate?

When did Ismailis originate?

The Ismaili sect: from the 9th century By the 9th century the Ismailis are an identifiable sect, based in Syria and strongly opposed to the rule of the Abbasid caliphs in Baghdad. In the 10th century they establish their own rule over the entire coast of north Africa, technically part of the caliphate.

What is Jamatkhana Ismaili?

A Jamatkhana is a designated space for Shia Ismaili Muslims to gather and perform tariqah practices, such as supplicatory prayers – du’a, meditative sessions of remembrance – zikr, and the recitation of devotional poetry, such as ginans and qasidas. The word Jamatkhana is a combination of two words.

What is Darkhana Jamatkhana?

Darkhana Jamatkhana, Mumbai The building is a three-storied structure, punctuated by a clock tower on the northeastern corner. The tower is an elegant structure with a square base form, which becomes an octagon at the higher level, creating a balcony within, and is roofed by a traditional Islamic dome.

How many Jamatkhana are there in the world?

[1] There are some 15 million Ismailis globally, living in over 25 countries, with significant presence in Central and South Asia, East Africa, and the Middle East, as well as United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

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Does Ismailis go to Hajj?

Hajj “pilgrimage”: For Ismā’īlīs, visiting the imām or his representative is one of the most aspired pilgrimages. There are two pilgrimages, Hajj-i-Zahiri and Hajj-i-Batini. The first is the visit to Mecca; the second, being in the presence of the Imam. The Musta’lī also maintain the practice of going to Mecca.

Are there Ismailis in Turkey?

Among Shia Muslim presence in Turkey there is a small but considerable minority of Muslims with Ismaili heritage and affiliation. Christians (Oriental Orthodoxy, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic) and Jews (Sephardi), who comprise the non-Muslim religious population, make up more than 0.2% of the total.

Where did the first Ismaili Jamatkhanas take place?

As with other Muslim spaces of gathering, there has been an evolution in both function and form of the Jamatkhanas, reflecting the changing historical and cultural context of these institutions as well as the evolving needs of the community. The first Ismaili Jamatkhanas were established in South Asia.

Who was the founder of the first Jamatkhana?

In the book A Scent of Sandalwood, Aziz Esmail writes that, “Pir Sadardin… is credited with the setting up of the first jamatkhana (communal centre) at Kotdi (in Sind).”

What was the significance of the Khorog Jamatkhana?

As Mawlana Hazar Imam said at the foundation ceremony of the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Centre in Khorog, Tajikistan in 2008, “Here, the Jamatkhana will be reserved for traditions and practices specific to the Shia Ismaili tariqah of Islam.” The Jamatkhana plays a significant role in the lives of the Jamat.

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Why are Jamatkhanas important to Shia Ismaili Muslims?

It refers to a place where members of certain Sunni and Shia communities come together for prayers and communal gatherings. It is commonly associated with the activities of Sufi groups, but has also evolved into the principle space of worship for Shia Ismaili Muslims.

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