When did MLK march from Selma to Montgomery?

When did MLK march from Selma to Montgomery?

March 7, 1965
Fifty years ago, on March 7, 1965, hundreds of people gathered in Selma, Alabama to march to the capital city of Montgomery. They marched to ensure that African Americans could exercise their constitutional right to vote — even in the face of a segregationist system that wanted to make it impossible.

Did the Selma march have a permit?

Under contemporary legal doctrine, the Selma protests would have ended March 8, 1965. Because the state failed to show that the use of the library for protest was incompatible with its use as a library, the 1st Amendment required the state government to permit the peaceful protest.

Is Selma the poorest city in Alabama?

Selma is also one of Alabama’s poorest cities with an average income of $35,500, which is 30% less than the state average. Selma also has a high poverty rate with one in every three residents in Selma being in poverty….Selma, Alabama.

State Alabama
County Dallas
Settled 1815
Incorporated 1820

Did Martin Luther King get permits for protests?

Birmingham police commissioner denied permit to civil rights protesters because of their views. A civil rights group associated with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. sought a parade permit from the commission but was told by the police commissioner that the group would never get a permit because of its views.

What is Bloody Sunday in Alabama?

On “Bloody Sunday,” March 7, 1965, some 600 civil rights marchers headed east out of Selma on U.S. Route 80. They got only as far as the Edmund Pettus Bridge six blocks away, where state and local lawmen attacked them with billy clubs and tear gas and drove them back into Selma.

Is Selma a poor city?

A newly released poverty report lists Alabama as the 6th poorest state in the country. It also lists Selma as the 9th poorest city in the country. According to the 2018 Alabama Poverty Data Sheet — 35.4 percent of the people in Selma and Dallas County live in poverty.

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