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Where did the story of Robin Hood come from?

Where did the story of Robin Hood come from?

A tradition dating back at least to the end of the 16th century gives Robin Hood’s birthplace as Loxley, Sheffield, in South Yorkshire. The original Robin Hood ballads, which originate from the fifteenth century, set events in the medieval forest of Barnsdale.

Who was the youngest merry man?

Little John – Robin Hood’s lieutenant. Later stories depict him as a huge man who joins the band after fighting Robin with quarterstaves over a river. Much, the Miller’s Son – A grown man and a seasoned fighter in the early ballads. Later stories depict him as one of the youngest of the Merry Men.

Who did Robin Hood marry?

Maid Marian
Maid Marian is the heroine of the Robin Hood legend in English folklore, often taken to be his lover….

Maid Marian
Family Robert Fitzwalter/Fitzwater (father, in some stories)
Spouse Robin Hood (in some stories)
Significant other Robin Hood
Religion Christian

Was Robin Hood English or Scottish?

Not only was Robin Hood descended from Scottish kings, he was related to both King John Balliol and King Robert the Bruce.

Why is Robinhood controversial?

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Where did the story of Robin Hood take place?

In the meantime, his brother John had taken his spot on the throne… This is the first hole in the ‘historical Robin Hood’ theory: his story takes place in England under the rule of Richard I (late 12 th century), while the literary archer first appears in tales and ballads told two hundred years later (14 th century).

Who was Robin Hood and what was his real name?

The Earliest possible real Robin is a mention of a fugitive named Robert Hod in the Yorkshire assize roles for 1225–1226. He’s mentioned a few years later by the name of Hobbehod. He may also be one and the same with another outlaw Robert of Wetherby. Robert Hod was a tenant of the archbishop of York.

How did the legend of Robin Hood evolve?

As the centuries passed, the tale of Robin Hood evolved as England evolved. With each new iteration, the Robin Hood legend would absorb new characters, settings, and traits—evolving into the familiar legend of today. (See also: Traveling through unfettered Yorkshire .)

When did Robin Hood live in medieval times?

While most contemporary scholars have failed to turn up solid clues, medieval chroniclers took for granted that a historical Robin Hood lived and breathed during the 12th or 13th century. The details of their accounts vary widely, however, placing him in conflicting regions and eras.

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