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Who is present property management in San Francisco?

Who is present property management in San Francisco?

Present Financial Property Management “ Brandon was always responsive, kind, helpful, and he worked quickly to solve any problems that we encountered. ” In 23 reviews 15. Golden Gate Properties “ Mark was extremely thorough in answering our questions and helping us with the rental process. ” In 14 reviews 16. Progressive Property Group

Who is Gordon Property Management in San Francisco?

Gordon Property Management has managed single family homes and multi-unit residential apartment buildings in San Francisco since 1987. We’re dedicated to providing property management San Francisco owners and tenants trust. Our high standards, industry leadership and excellent customer service set us apart from other property management companies.

How is ziprent property management in San Francisco?

During a pandemic in SF, it was a challenging time. From the start, I was impressed with their clear FAQ and website about their business model and process. I used them for the tenancy placement and what an amazing process. Within 2 weeks, I had multiple showings, a tenant signed up and ready to move.

Who is Miriam and Chandler properties in San Francisco?

“ Miriam and Chandler Properties has been an absolute joy to work with and rent from for the past three years. ” In 13 reviews 7. Ziprent “ Ziprent has gotten me to a point where the property management is completely hands-off, and my tenants are happy with it also!

Is there a property management company in San Francisco?

Our San Francisco property management leadership extends to understanding the numerous local, state, and federal laws which affect the rental housing industry. In California, landlords and property owners face increasing liability risks.

How to rent out a house in San Francisco?

Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Renting out property in San Francisco is more complex than ever. With new laws, new market trends, and new risk, the leasing and management process requires an experienced, professional property management team. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How to become a landlord in San Francisco?

All our employees have completed the San Francisco’s Apartment Association CCRM courses, which covers San Francisco’s Rent Control Ordinance, fair housing laws, and essential landlord/tenant best practices.

Can a landlord evict a tenant in San Francisco?

East Palo Alto, San Mateo County (94303) 16 of 17 1. Petaluma west of Hwy. 101, Sonoma County (94952) Believe it or not, San Francisco tenants are some of the most protected renters in the country. In many other cities, landlords can evict a tenant with just a simple notice, or raise rents whenever — and to whatever — they want.

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