Who is the first caliph recognized by the Sunnis?

Who is the first caliph recognized by the Sunnis?

Others soon followed, accepting Abu Bakr near-universally as the first Caliph of Islam. Abu Bakr and the three caliphs following him are regarded as the Rashidun Caliphs (or rightly-guided caliphs) by the adherents of Sunni Islam. Abu Bakr nominated Umar as his successor on his deathbed.

Are there any descendants of Prophet Muhammad?

Descendants of Muhammad usually carry the titles Sayyid, Syed, Hashmi, Sayed or Sharif, or the Ashraf clan (synonymous to Ahl al-Bayt). Today, two sovereign monarchs – Abdullah II of Jordan and Muhammad VI of Morocco – and the former royal family of Libya are also considered to be a part of Banu Hashim.

Who is the Shia caliph?

They believe God chose Ali to be Muhammad’s successor, infallible, the first caliph (khalifah, head of state) of Islam. The Shia believe that Muhammad designated Ali as his successor by God’s command (Eid Al Ghadir).

What did Sunni Muslims call the next three caliphs?

Sunni Caliphs. The next three caliphs were also former companions of the Prophet. Because of their direct connection to Muhammad and his teaching, Sunni Muslims call his first successors the “rightly guided” caliphs. After the passing of the fourth caliph, Muhammad’s son-in-law Ali, the caliphate’s authority became more political than religious.

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How did Muhammad choose the next three caliphs?

According to Sunni teaching, Muhammad left the process of determining who would succeed him to the Muslim community to decide by consensus. The community chose the Prophet’s close companion Abu Bakr, a man known for his devotion and discernment. The next three caliphs were also former companions of the Prophet.

Why was there a divide between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims?

It was the question of who should succeed the Prophet and lead the fledgling Islamic state that created the divide. The larger group of Muslims chose Abu Bakr, a close Companion of the Prophet, as the Caliph (politico-social leader) and he was accepted as such by much of the community which saw the succession in political and not spiritual terms.

Where does the word Caliph come from in Islam?

The words “caliph” and “caliphate” derive from the Arabic “khalifa,” the word used to refer to a successor or deputy in the Quran and the Hadith, collections of sayings and incidents from the life of Muhammad. Deciding who should take over for Muhammad after his death was a particularly sensitive matter for the early Islamic community.

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