Who is the GF of Gerald Anderson?

Who is the GF of Gerald Anderson?

Julia Barretto
Gerald Anderson was spotted on a beach trip with the family of girlfriend Julia Barretto.

Is Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador still friends?

MANILA — Six years since their controversial falling out, Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador appear to have restored their friendship, going by their sentimental posts on Instagram showing them together in New York.

What did Kim Chiu say about Julia?

As she went through Anderson’s Instagram, she quipped, “Ta’s pagbukas mo rito, nandito si Julia Barretto (Then when you open it, Julia Barretto is here).” A clip of her remark about Barretto was captured by Twitter user @BrightRaytz.

Are Julia and Gerald together?

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto set sail to the open seas for a fishing trip, more than a month since they confirmed their relationship. “The best things in life come with patience,” the actor said as he showed some photos of the fish he caught from their sea trip on his Instagram page yesterday, April 13.

Who is Maja Salvador’s boyfriend?

Rambo Nunez
Maja Salvador and boyfriend Rambo Nunez Charot!

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What is the relationship between Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay?

In February, after weeks of speculation, the couple acknowledged that being in a relationship. Adarna and Ramsay got engaged last March 30. Ramsay previously said he is convinced that the actress is “the one” he will finally marry, after several relationships that unfolded and ended in the public eye.

Is Julia Barretto still with ABS-CBN?

Julia Barretto – The actress signed with Viva Artists Agency in September 2020, leaving Star Magic, which had managed her career since she started in showbiz. Billy Crawford – The It’s Showtime host bid goodbye to ABS-CBN in September 2020 and joined TV5, where he hosts the noontime show Lunch Out Loud.

How much is Gerald Anderson worth?

Gerald Anderson net worth: Gerald Anderson is a Filipino American actor who has a net worth of $3 million. He is best known for being a popular Filipino actor. Gerald Anderson was born in Subic, Zambales, Philippines in March 1989.

Why did Maja and Rambo break up?

Maja Salvador opened up about her non-showbiz boyfriend, Rambo Nuñez, in her recent YouTube vlog episode. According to Maja, it was her showbiz career that caused their breakup years ago. The actress explained that their relationship had to end because she decided to put her career over her love life.

Who did Derek Ramsay proposed to?

Ellen Adarna
Derek Ramsay on Ellen Adarna: ‘The chemistry between us has been undeniable’ ENGAGED. Derek Ramsay proposes to Ellen Adarna. Newly-engaged couple Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna may have initially denied that they were dating – but Derek said that their chemistry has been “undeniable” from the start.

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Did Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna break up?

Derek proposed to Ellen on March 30, about a month after they publicly confirmed that they were in a relationship. Derek was recently in a relationship with actress Andrea Torres, though he confirmed their breakup in November 2020.

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