Who is the head of Sunni Waqf Board?

Who is the head of Sunni Waqf Board?

Zufar Ahmad Farooqui
Chairman of the board Zufar Ahmad Farooqui said the UP Sunni Central Waqf Board has sought legal opinion on how to implement the Supreme Court’s order granting five acres of land to the board for building a mosque in Ayodhya as there’s no unanimity among the Muslim community on the issue.

Is Waqf Board a trust?

The Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf Board formed a 15-member-trust on Wednesday to look after the construction of a mosque on five acres of land allotted by the Supreme Court that paved the way for a Ram Temple in Ayodhya town in a landmark verdict last year.

Does Waqf Board come under government?

The State Waqf Boards are established by the State Governments in view of the provisions of Section 9(1) the Waqf Act, 1954. In case more than fifteen percent of total number of waqf property is Shia waqf or income thereof is more than fifteen percent the Act envisages about separate Shia Waqf Board.

Who is the owner of Wakf property?

Habs and similar terms are used mainly by Maliki jurists. In Twelver Shiism, ḥabs is a particular type of waqf, in which the founder reserves the right to dispose of the waqf property. The person making the grant is called al-waqif (or al-muhabbis) while the endowed assets are called al-mawquf (or al-muhabbas).

Can Wakf property be sold?

Wakf property can’t be sold. if a mutawalli wants to sell, mortgage or exchange the Wakf properties, he must obtain prior permission of the court. a waqf alal aulad is for the children of the person who forms a waqf and it cannot be sold.

Can a waqf property be sold?

Who appoints mutawalli?

Primarily, the right to appoint a mutawalli is given to the waqif himself. Failing him, mutawalli may be appointed by the executor of the waqif if the waqif has no executor, the existing mutawalli may appoint his successor provided he is on his deathbed.

Can a Waqf property be sold?

Can a waqf be revoked?

2. Irrevocable – In India, a wakf once declared and complete, cannot be revoked. The wakif cannot get his property back in his name or in any other’s name. Inalienable – Since Wakf property belongs to God, no human being can alienate it for himself or any other person.

How much land does Waqf Board have?

The tabled report shows that 29,000 of the 54,000 acres of Karnataka Waqf land was neither used to help poor Muslims and neither a hospital was built but it was used for commercial interests, as revealed by BJP MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar.

What can be made as waqf?

To be more precice, Hanafi Law recognises the following as valid subjects of wakf:

  • immovable property.
  • accessories to immovable property.
  • Quran or other books.
  • such other things as it is customary to make the subject of wakf.

    How much land is under waqf?

    Who Cannot be appointed as mutawalli?

    Both male and female of any religion can be appointed as a mutawalli. The mutawalli must be capable of performing the particular duties under the wakf. If religious duty or spiritual functions are a part of the duties of a mutawalli, a female and non-muslim cannot be appointed as a mutawalli.

    Who can remove appoint mutawalli?

    Whenever a deed of 1[waqf] or any decree or order of a court of any scheme of management of any 1[waqf] provides that a court or any authority other than a Board may appoint or remove a mutawalli or settle or modify such scheme of management or otherwise exercise superintendence over the 1[waqf], then, notwithstanding …

    Who can be mutawalli?

    Who can make waqf?

    The second essential of a valid wakf is that it should be created by a person professing Muslim faith. By ‘person’, is meant, a person who has attained the age of majority under the Indian Majority Act, i.e., 18 years and who is of sound mind. Such a person is competent to dedicate the whole or part of his property.

    Can a female be mutawalli?

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