Who was the developer of 280 Metro Center?

Who was the developer of 280 Metro Center?

Local real estate developer Merritt Sher opened 280 Metro Center in 1986 next to Interstate 280 as an open-air strip shopping center dominated by big-box stores and category killers.

Who are the authors of the shopping mall of the future?

To help mall owners, operators and tenants find the right platform for their future, the report authors, Michael Brown and Matt Lubelczyk, outline four different mall models that will dominate by the year 2030.

What was the name of the mall that was demolished?

The enclosed mall was demolished for redevelopment.) The Crossings at Northwest, Northwest Plaza – St. Ann (1963–2010. Redeveloped. Most of the mall was demolished) Metro North Mall – Kansas City (1976–2014. Demolished except for Macy’s) Ward Parkway Center – Kansas City (1959–present. Redeveloped.

How are shopping malls transforming into consumer engagement spaces?

The guide to transform shopping malls and centers into Consumer Engagement Spaces is based upon rising consumer demand for more things to do, rather than things to buy and own.

When did the first retail store open in the world?

People exchanged cows and sheep in trade as far back as 9000 BC. The first proper currency extends as far back as 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. The first retail stores take up the mantle a bit further down the line. By 800 BC in ancient Greece, people had developed markets with merchants selling their wares in the Agora in the city center.

When was the first indoor shopping mall opened?

However, the first indoor shopping mall that mirrored how we think of malls today was opened in 1956 in Edina, Minnesota. Malls were often anchored by a large department store with a cluster of other stores around it. The growth of these shopping centers was correlated with the growth of automobiles.

What was the first department store in America?

With more successful and affluent Americans having broader tastes, department stores like Macy’s (1858), Bloomingdales (1861), and Sears (1886) began popping up in cities like New York City and Chicago. These institutions became fixtures of American life, influencing: what luxuries they felt they needed. The stores didn’t just sell items.

How to find commercial property owners in Los Angeles?

Find commercial property owners in Los Angeles by searching 210,000 properties city-wide, or over 725,000 million properties across the entire Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim MSA. To find commercial property owners in Houston, search 160,000 commercial properties across the city, or nearly 700,000 properties throughout the entire Houston MSA.

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