Why do couples stop in Molesworth?

Why do couples stop in Molesworth?

Lily wants to see the stars. Why did they stop in Molesworth? The scooter’s engine coughed and died on them.

Why do Lily and Tom walk to Mrs hatchings?

Tom and Lily decided to visit the Hatchings because they wanted to return Mrs. hatching purse. They got back to the house of this old lady, and when they returned the vallet, they found out that the sun hides right at the house which they approached to.

What does Mr Noakes do for Tom and Lily Group of answer choices?

Mr. Noakes wasn’t a polite man, he gave Lily a pinch on her arm because of her beauty. He counted his money very carefully, and he would grab every chance to make money if he could. That was why, when Tom and Lily came back with their brown arms, Mr.

Why are Tom and Lily stuck in moles of town?

Tom and Lily have to stay in The Rising Sun inn in Molesworth because their car’s engine died on them.

Why do Tom and Lily not say goodbye to the hatchings?

Why don’t Tom and Lily return to say goodbye to the Hatchings? They can’t find the cottage again. They are too tored after their journey into town.

Why did Lily wear yellow?

Lily wore yellow on her wedding day. People believed that wearing yellow would bless her marriage with a bit of sunshine. .

Why don t Tom and Lily go back to the hatchings after picking up their scooter?

Answer Expert Verified Tom and Lily do not want to visit the Hatchings after picking up their scooter because they are frightened as hell if Mr. Noake will find out about the sunlight only to come and then ruin their place. It was the only area where both Tom and Lily freely plays whenever they want and Mr.

What do Tom and Lily find when they return Mrs hatchings?

What do Tom and Lily find when they return Mrs hatchings? Tom and lily found the purse in their search for sunshine. After they returned the purse to Ms. Hatching, she offered tom and lily to stay a while in her cottage.

What best describes Mr Noakes?

Noakes was a friendly, older gentleman who often helped his neighbors.

What would Mr Noakes do if he found a bit of sunshine?

They sat in the terrible pub and talked with Mr. Noakes, Lily unwisely told him that they were finding the sunshine, Mr. Noakes laughed at them and said that if there was sunshine, he wouldn’t want to open a pub here, there would be many chance to make money with the sunshine.

What does Lily have to leave behind to protect the secret?

Tom and Lily must keep the sunlight a secret. Lily wore a yellow dress on her wedding day which people used to believe her married life would be blessed with a bit of sunshine.

Did Tom and Lily do the right thing not going back to the cottage?

Tom and Lily do the right thing by not going back to the cottage because by returning, they may give away its location to a corrupt person thus unintentionally destroying the magical place.

What gives Lily the idea to Tiburon?

what gives Lily the idea to go to Tiburon? its the town written on the back of her mother’s black mary picture.

Why do Tom and Lily not return back to the hatchings cottage for Lily’s dress?

Why does Lily say nearly did me in?

what does Lily say “nearly did me in”? the caved-in look of rosaleen’s face because she wasn’t leaving the jail.

Did Lily really kill her mother?

Likewise, at the end of the novel, readers and Lily learn the truth: Lily did, in fact, kill her mother, although she did it accidentally.

Why did Deborah leave Lily?

Character Analysis Deborah Fontanel Owens Ray Owens because she was pregnant with Lily. Once married, she couldn’t be the mother and wife everyone expected, so she left to go see her old nanny/housekeeper, August Boatright. Deborah had a nervous breakdown, and August helped her get better.

Who really killed Lily’s mother?

Who really killed Lily’s mother? Deborah Fontanel Owens: the deceased mother of Lily Owens and wife of T. Ray Owens. Deborah died in a gun accident when Lily was 4.

Did Lily kill Deborah?

While Deborah was packing to leave, T. Ray returned home. Their ensuing argument turned into a physical fight during which Deborah got a gun. After a brief struggle, the gun fell to the floor, which Lily picked up and the gun accidentally discharged, killing Deborah.

What two previous professions does August tell Lily she has had?

August was a housekeeper in Deborah’s house in Richmond, and she took care of little Deborah. August shares details of Deborah’s personality, but August wants to know about Lily’s life with T.

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