Why do some people hate fondant?

Why do some people hate fondant?

Some consumers hate fondant because it is chewy and does not taste good. This is especially common when you use pre-made fondant. To get fondant icing that people will enjoy, you will need to make it yourself or use a pre-made product that contains white chocolate.

Does anyone actually like fondant?

Some of the Fondant Hate posters are bakers, but many, or even most, aren’t people who work with fondant regularly. But fondant also, notoriously, tastes awful. Sure, it’s edible, but it’s not particularly enjoyable to eat.

What can I use instead of fondant?

Alternative to Fondant for Cake Decorating

  • Use better fondant. There’s two options for using better fondant, either make it yourself or buy better brands.
  • Use gum paste.
  • For decorations, use isomalt.
  • Use sugar candy.
  • Chocolate!
  • And if all those alternatives to fondant don’t get you excited, you can use frosting.

What is fondant hate?

The literal ATBGE r/FondantHate. A subreddit for the people fighting against the fad of beautiful cakes that taste AWFUL.

Do people eat the fondant on cakes?

Yes, fondant is 100% edible. In the media, you will sometimes see fondant being removed from a baked good before it is eaten, but this is simply because some people don’t like the flavor or texture of this icing.

Do you remove fondant before eating cake?

You can eat the fondant on the cake if you can handle the sweetness as it is nothing but sugar. However, if the baker tells you not to eat, then that means it is made out of something that is not edible, just for decoration. Fondant on the cakes is usually melted sugar or royal icing which are are shaped and frozen.

Which is better buttercream or fondant?

Buttercream is made with far more fat than fondant. This can give it a more luxuriant, rich flavor that many prefer, taste-wise, to fondant. The formula for making buttercream is very forgiving. If you’ve added too much sugar and the mixture is stiff, you can thin it with a little milk, cream or even water.

Can you wet fondant to smooth?

Cracks can also be smoothed out with an icing smoother or your fingertips. Do not wet your fingers with water, as this will cause the fondant to melt and tear further.

What is the best fondant brand?

The most popular commercial fondant brands

  • Wilton – This brand is very cheap, but a lot of people don’t like the taste of it.
  • FondX – A great all-around commercial fondant, also available in Elite Premium and Elite Plus.
  • Bakels Pettinice – A commercial fondant that’s easy to work with and tastes great!

Do you take fondant off before eating cake?

Is fondant meant to be eaten?

Is Fondant Edible? Fondant is an edible icing made of 100% edible ingredients (which makes us question who uses inedible icing). Although the icing is edible, you might see people take the fondant off cakes when they are eating cake because people tend to not like the texture or flavor of fondant.

Do you eat the fondant or peel it off?

Is Fondant Edible? Although the icing is edible, you might see people take the fondant off cakes when they are eating cake because people tend to not like the texture or flavor of fondant. Don’t be shy to eat the icing!

Why is fondant expensive?

Fondant is usually elegantly smooth and is also very versatile for textured designs. There are countless tools to roll pretty patterns onto the surface of this sugar dough. This can cost considerable money for a beginner because fondant is quite expensive to make from scratch or purchase pre-made.

Which is better fondant or buttercream?

Why is fondant so expensive?

Is fondant cake unhealthy?

Handmade fondants aren’t as bad because they’re made from melted marshmallows, but most bakers prefer to use commercially made fondant because it’s easier to work with and doesn’t dry out as fast. So expect your guests to have to peel back a layer of the stuff in order to enjoy their dessert.

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