Why does my daughter hate me, what now?

Why does my daughter hate me, what now?

When I asked which of his kids said that, he said, “All of them,” which included his daughter. Now she didn’t really hate him, she just hated his boundaries and discipline while wanting to be rebellious as a teenager. There are many reasons a daughter hates her father. Some are deep and real.

What did my teenage daughter say about me?

In recent months she has even taken to saying she hates me. Last night she told me, “I hate your (expletive) guts!” Then she called me another expletive and told me to stay out of her life. I am still sobbing as I write this.

When to say something negative to a teenage daughter?

During the teen years, girls shift their focus from family to their tribe of friends — and this tribe might be doing things you don’t approve of. However, as tempting as it is to say something negative about a girl who is being mean to your daughter or pressuring her to engage in negative behaviors, use caution.

What to do when your child says hate?

The aim of disciplining children when they use unhelpful words can be to create opportunities for understanding and connection. Hate is a powerful word, with big feelings behind it. Our children need guidance in these moments so they will be able to do better. Don’t be afraid to show kindness to a child that is feeling hate.

Is it true that all mothers hate their daughters?

“For your mother to sleep with a man who raped you every night was evil. Not all mothers hate their daughters and your mother does not hate you. Real mothers love their daughters more than they love themselves. How your mother treats you is not a reflection of your worth, nor is it a reflection of her lack of love for you.

What have I done so wrong to make my adult daughter dislike me so much?

What have i done so wrong to make my adult daughter dislike me so much? | Parent Emeritus | ConductDisorders – A soft place to land for battle weary parents. What have i done so wrong to make my adult daughter dislike me so much?

Are there mistakes that could make your kids hate you?

From the title (“Avoid Mistakes That Could Make Your Kids Hate You”) on, the warning is that if parents make these mistakes, their children will hate them. HATE them. I see far too much of this in our society these days. Kind, caring parents who aren’t all that horrible yet are considered “toxic,” and worthy of hate. Lift the veil.

How old is my daughter when she rejects Me?

My daughter is now 30 years old and completely shuts me out of her life unless she wants something from me. I have tried and tried to have the relationship with her we once had but she never wants to make time for me. When it comes to her mother- in- law she shows the love I feel she should be showing me but all I get from her is “no, no, no.”

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