Why is Guam considered to be a US territory?

Why is Guam considered to be a US territory?

Unlike the other islands in the region, Guam continues to be a U.S. island territory. Part of the reason for this policy is the historical significance that this location played during World War II. Anyone who is born on Guam is automatically an American citizen.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Guam?

The utilities for a month for two people in a standard flat are about $400, and then expect to pay about $1,000 for a studio apartment in a regular area. Your rental prices will double if you move to an expensive area, with a 900 square foot place averaging about $2,500 per month.

Where is Guam located in the western Pacific?

Guam is a small island that lies in the Western Pacific as part of Micronesia. It is a place where you can find tropical villages, antique latte-stone pillars, and Chamorro villages. Unlike the other islands in the region, Guam continues to be a U.S. island territory.

Who is the Governor of the island of Guam?

Guam is run by an elected governor, currently Eddie Calvo, who said there was no threat to Guam or to the Mariana Islands to the north. Madeleine Bordallo is the Guam delegate to the US House of Representatives, and she issued a statement saying Pentagon officials had assured her that the territory was protected.

Is the government of Guam part of the US?

Generally speaking, the people of Guam are by law natural-born US citizens and may move, reside and work freely between the island and the American mainland. Besides, Guam has its own popularly elected government and legislature, as well as an independent judiciary that closely resembles that of any US state.

Why did the US want to take Guam?

The U.S. was actually more interested in conquering the Spanish Philippines, but it figured it needed to take Guam to secure the larger territory. The Philippines and Guam are only 1,500 miles apart. In June of that year, the U.S. sent the second USS Charleston (C-2) to capture the island.

Is the island of Guam part of the CNMI?

Unfortunately, the people of Guam aren’t keen on unifying with the CNMI at all, since on one hand, Guam itself is much better off economically than other southwestern Pacific islands, and on the other, the two places have indeed little in common despite the fact that they are both inhabited by the same indigenous Chamorro people.

Why was Guam annexed by the US in 1898?

The only reason America annexed Guam and its Chamorro inhabitants all those years ago was because the U.S. was at war with Spain. When the Spanish-American War broke out in April of 1898, Guam was under Spanish control (as it had been since the 1600s).

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