Why is it important to read your rental contract carefully?

Why is it important to read your rental contract carefully?

Understanding your rights as either the tenant or the landlord is important; it will ensure that you don’t find yourself in breach of contract. Typically the landlord carries property insurance, and it may be required that the tenant obtain a renter’s policy.

What happens if my apartment is not ready when my lease starts?

A: Apartments not being ready can happen with a lease for a place under construction, or if the previous tenants don?t move out. You then face a tough choice: get out, or get in deeper. Your choice depends on your particular situation. As a general rule, though, bad starts with landlords rarely have happy endings.

Do you have to read the lease agreement?

However, it’s important to understand that a lease is a legally enforceable agreement, and you could find yourself in a predicament later on if you fail to abide by the terms–the very ones you agreed to by signing on the dotted line. Before you sign, take the time to read the entire document.

What happens if I Want Out of my lease?

If you want out of the lease you signed, you have good grounds. The failure to deliver the apartment you were promised is a basic breach of the lease by the landlord. If you want out, tell the landlord in writing you?re terminating the lease, because of their breach. That cancels your obligations?most importantly, your liability for rent.

What happens if my landlord breaches my lease?

The landlord?s breach should also make the landlord liable for the expenses you incur finding another apartment. As before, those expenses could be the cost of staying elsewhere while apartment hunting, moving expenses, and any extra rent you end up paying in another place.

Can a landlord hold you accountable for a lease you never signed?

If a lease has been written and signed by both parties, clarifying these issues can be quite easy. However, if a verbal agreement was used to initiate the apartment lease, there are certain limitations to how and when renters can be held accountable. A lease, both written and verbal, for one year or more protects both the landlord and the tenant.

Can a tenant be held to the terms of a lease?

An exception to this rule, however, is when an apartment tenant chooses to rent a unit from a landlord on a month-to-month basis for less than one year. The tenant is obligated to inform the landlord a full month prior to his vacating and when he does so, the tenant is not violating the terms of their arrangement.

What happens if a tenant violates the terms of a lease?

Violation of lease terms – In counties with 75,000 and more residents, If a tenant has violated the terms of a lease, then the landlord may issue a 14-day Notice to Cure or quit. In counties with less than 75,000, landlords must issue at least a 30-day Notice to Quit.

What’s the difference between a lease and an agreement?

A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant. The tenant has agreed to occupy the property for a fixed term, usually a year.

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