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Why is the Ark so important in the synagogue?

Why is the Ark so important in the synagogue?

Every Jewish synagogue contains an ark, which is a cabinet containing the scrolls of the Torah (the five books of Moses). The ark is the holiest place in the synagogue, both because it contains the sacred writings of Judaism and because it represents the original ark of the Jewish people.

Where was the Ark in the Jewish Temple?

According to Jewish tradition (and the Bible), that ark was ultimately carried by the Jewish people to Jerusalem and installed in the temple built by Solomon. That original ark, known as the Holy of Holies, was the focus of all worship within Judaism.

Where is the Ark of the Covenant located?

Looking around the synagogue you will see the eastern wall, where the aron ha-kodesh(the holy ark) is located. The ark is the repository for the Torah scrolls when they are not in use. It also serves as the focus for one’s prayers.

Are there any holy objects in the synagogue?

These mantles are open at the bottom and closed at the top except for the two openings that enclose the rollers. This and the other objects described below are considered holy and, once again, are never discarded when worn out. Often there are a number of other objects decorating the Torah. These can include: 1.

The term “ark” is a combination of two Hebrew words, “aron kodesh,” which means holy cabinet. It is a key part of a Jewish synagogue. The ark is a cabinet that contains the Torah: the scroll of sacred writings. The ark is located at one wall of the synagogue, normally the wall pointing in the direction of Jerusalem.

What are the objects found in a synagogue?

Kodesh libraries are libraries where the “sidur” is placed along with other holy books the synagogue owns. Aron Kodesh — holy ark, where you keep the Torah scrolls. A sink for Cohanim to wash hands. A bima — a platform to read the Torah from. A stand in the front for the shatz/chazan. Benches or chairs. Mechitza and woman’s section.

Where does the Torah go when the Ark is opened?

At the proper moment in the service the Ark is ceremonially opened, and the Torah scroll is carried in procession to the reading desk, unrolled to the reading chosen for the day and laid on the reading desk. It is normal for everyone to stand whenever the doors of the ark are open.

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