Why would social services investigate?

Why would social services investigate?

The local authority must investigate if they have good reason to suspect that a child who lives, or is found, in their area is suffering (or is likely to suffer) significant harm. a child at risk of significant harm. This is known as a section 47 investigation.

What happens when social services get a referral?

What happens when Children’s Services receive a referral? When information is received, by way of a referral, which indicates that there are concerns about the safety and well-being of a child, Children’s Services have 24 hours to decide what type of response is required.

What are the stages of social services?

What are the stages of Social Services intervention?

  • Social Services Intervention. There can be varying degrees of involvement Social Services have with a family and sometimes it can happen when a family least expects it.
  • Early Help:
  • Child in Need:
  • Strategy Meeting:
  • Child Protection:

Why do social services get involved?

Why social services may become involved A parent or other adult family member or an older child may request family support services from social services at times of stress or for help regarding a particular child or family problem.

Why do social workers do unannounced visits?

Unannounced visits offer the Social Worker the opportunity to see the child and the carers without the pre- planning processes that may have occurred prior to a planned or expected visit. This will provide a balanced perspective of the quality of life for the child in the home.

Can you refuse a social worker?

Except in the case of child protection, involuntary psychiatric care (which is if you are suspected of being a danger to yourself or others based on mental illness), or possibly mandatory treatment ordered by the criminal justice system, you usually can refuse to see a social worker.

Do both parents have to sign section 20?

Parents must have received all of the relevant information before agreeing to sign a section 20 Agreement. You should be given written confirmation of the agreement, which you’ll be expected to sign.

Do both parents have to agree to a section 20?

Every parent has the right to consent, if they have the capacity to do so, to a section 20 agreement. Every social worker is under a personal duty to be satisfied that the person giving the consent has the capacity to do so.

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