The best places to spend Christmas in 2022

You’ve probably heard stories from friends who have had memorable holidays at the most wonderful time of the year and wondered if it might be for you, right? Well, in fact, more and more of us are deciding to spend Christmas abroad. For some, eating turkey in the sun is a preference, while others are perhaps keen to escape a particular family member and experience Christmas in a new setting.

After all, most people adore Christmas, but wanting to have a memorable festive experience outside of the country that they’ve experienced it in all of their lives is entirely understandable. Sometimes a fresh encounter with something familiar is needed. Playing Christmas-themed slot games like a Christmas Carol Megaways, classic family games like charades, and experiencing theatre season appeals, of course, but some winter sun or a festive experience elsewhere can be just as enjoyable, if not better. So, in order to provide you with some potential destinations, let’s take a look at some of the best places to spend Christmas in 2022.




You probably haven’t frequented a true winter wonderland if you haven’t experienced an Icelandic Christmas. Famous for its winter markets that are filled with tasty food and drink, Iceland is a country that knows how to provide a memorable Christmas holiday. While the guaranteed cold will enable you to feel extra Christmassy, you can warm yourself up at the country’s famous Blue Lagoon geothermal waters. You might even get to see the magical northern lights while you’re there, too, alongside having the option of trekking near the Snaefellsjokull glacier or taking a drive up some picturesque mountains. In terms of natural beauty, Iceland is packed full of it.


Edinburgh, Scotland


Scotland is a great country to visit at any time of the year, but the Scots certainly know how to host a memorable Christmas, too. While there are plenty of cities worth frequenting, Edinburgh’s offering is perhaps the best. From its gingerbread-scented markets and festive football matches to its riotous Hogmanay parties and traditional Scottish music, Edinburgh is a great place to visit at Christmas. Other things to see and do include the Scottish National Gallery and the panoramic big wheel above Princes Street. Be sure to sample some authentic Scottish whisky, too.





If a cold Christmas doesn’t really tickle your fancy, then tropical destinations, such as Barbados, might. In fact, for many Christmas holidaymakers, the Caribbean is the ultimate holiday destination at this particular time of the year. Not only is a warmer climate guaranteed, but you can enjoy your turkey during a day of pampering, too. For example, Barbados’ sandy beaches can be experienced alongside a massage and a fruity rum-based cocktail. Additionally, you can even try surfing or diving in the crystal clear waters. You might even fancy partying the night away at popular destinations like Bay Tavern in Martin’s Bay, too. For a more relaxing getaway in a glorious Caribbean destination, Barbados is the answer.


Finnish Lapland


If winter-based activities are more your bag this Christmas, then Finnish Lapland is a destination worth considering. From hiking and snowmobiling to skiing and reindeer rides, you can do it all here. Alongside the fun to be had, people are also desperate to see popular Christmas hotspots like Santa’s village and visit the Elf school to immerse themselves in both Christmas and Finnish culture in the process. Make sure you visit Lapland when it’s filled with snow, and don’t make the mistake of going too early, though.

Other options include New Zealand, New York (America), The Ganges (India), Marrakesh (Morocco), Mauritius, The Maldives, Singapore, Japan, Muscat (Oman), and London (England).

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