10 Common Online Employment Scams

Employment scams have been around for many years, so many people fall for these scams every day in a desperate attempt to find work. These have increased in numbers since the recession as more people lost their jobs and became desperate, only leaving them in more financial ruin than before.

Credit Report Scams

These are one of the most common employment scams. You will be searching online daily for suitable work and sending your CV off to every possible and suitable position. Within a few days you get an email from an interested employer, you are so excited except before you can attend an interview you must get your credit report, its company policy.

The company offers you a link where you can go and buy your credit report, what is the harm the company is already interested, right? Wrong! Once you have purchased the credit report you will never hear from the company again, this is just a scam to sell the credit reports and make a profit.

Secret Shoppers

Answering an advertisement for secret shoppers can pay you a fair amount of money, in some cases up to $10.00 per shop. After application you may get one or two legitimate assignments, each pays well and you are excited about making some money.

You then get an assignment asking you to receive a cheque which you must them deposit and send money the same day to a third party, the aim is the assess the customer service and ease of the process. Of course you agree, to date they have been reliable and paid on time, but once you transfer the money, the cheque bounces and you are left with less money in the bank then when you started.

Work From Home Scams

Another of the most popular employment scams on the internet to date. Working from home seems a wonderful solution, especially if you have younger children to take care of or have recently lost your job. Often these jobs are for customer service people who can work from home, you will receive an email after application advising you of the things you need to work from home, this often includes telephone, internet and a computer.

You will then be advised that you need certain software which is inexpensive to purchase which you must have to connect to their system enabling you to work. Once you have purchased the software you never hear from them again. As the software companies have absolutely no involvement in these scams, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Craigslist Job Scams

Craigslist is a site known for employment scams. It’s not the site itself that scams you but all the people listing on their asking for work from home workers to help them manage their listings. You will be required to either send money, open a bank account or register for training, which you will need to pay for, all of which are a scam.

Career Consultants

You’ve been sending your CV to all different companies and websites and then you get an email from a career consultant saying they came across your CV and would like to help you find a position. They then start offering you resume writing services, review services and any career related services; these are scams to sell their products rather than offer you legitimate jobs.

Entry Level Job Scams

One of the scariest scams around on the internet today when it comes to employment scams. These scammers usually pitch to students and college leavers, they offer the opportunity to work in the sports or entertainment industry, they offer immediate start, no experience necessary and fresh talent is needed. What easier way to make money, so you apply.

Next you’ll be invited for an interview and you head off all nervous only to be collected by a vehicle and driven miles away where you will need to sell coupons door to door as part of your interview. Fair play, these coupons often are sport or entertainment related, so there was no lie there except these scams often leave the applicant stranded miles from home.

Nanny Scams

The Nanny scams are when scammers advertise as a family searching that perfect nanny; they usually hire without an interview and send you your first cheque before you even start. As soon as the cheque is banked they contact you claiming they need the money back for an emergency to do with the child or children, you obviously agree and pay them back, then the cheque bounces in your account leaving you out of pocket and never to hear from them again.

Nanny Overseas Scam

A lot of college leavers will travel overseas for a year working as a nanny, it enables them to see different countries and experience different cultures. Often the family will offer to arrange the visa for you through their lawyer, which guarantees acceptance, you send the money expecting to start work within a few weeks only you will never hear from them again.

PA Scam

Working as a PA from home can be a scam, so you need to be aware at all times. You may as part of your daily duties be asked to transfer money to associates in other companies; you receive the cheque and forward the money as requested, keeping a percentage for yourself. It doesn’t get any easier than this, except that of course the cheque bounces and you are held responsible to pay the bank back.

PA Scam 2

The second of the common PA Scams is to assist a transport company from home; you will receive parcels which you then ship to various destinations. Sometimes you may even receive a fraudulent cheque to pay for the shipping, though you can imagine there is nothing legal about what is contained in these packages and can lead to serious consequences if caught.

Author Bio:- Ben Waters is a writer for online recruitment agencies directory Agency Central. In his spare time, Ben enjoys bike riding or creating beautiful music in his home studio – at least that’s what he thinks.

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