10 Coolest Yet Free Stuff Every Business Should Have

Here is the list of my favorite 10 Coolest Yet Free Stuff Every Business Should Have.

Bitrix24 is mostly for small businesses of about 12 or less employees. The website offers stuff like free calendars, file sharing and much other free stuff that a small business may need to run effectively.

If you are a small business, you may find it expensive to send faxes to all you clients. Luckily, gotfreefax lets you send 3 free messages to any client in Canada and in the United States. This way you get to minimize faxing costs.

This does not mean literary remembering milk as the name suggests. What it means is that it offers any business a free to do list for both Android and iPhone support so you can put all important issues regarding your business on the front line.

Instead of having to type and store all receipts of different things the business has done or purchased, waveaccounting offers free invoices which is much easier to use plus it saves on a lot of time.

For small businesses, you must ebb careful in the way you spend your money or else you might go bankrupt.  With jetradar, you can be sure to find the cheapest price for any item you want to purchase enabling you to save money to do other things for the business.

If you want to stay updated on anything new that relates to your business, then PRlog is what you need.

More and more people know how to use the internet. That means that you should be able to reach both those who can access it and those who can not. You can have a small simple website done for you by Weebly to enable you reach a larger number of people who might be interested in your business.

Finding a domain name is a daunting task but not anymore. Although pickydomains is not free, the best thing about it is that it does not involve any risks plus, they do a great job. ?

Join. me, just as the name suggests lets you get in touch with your clients via webcast.

With kolab, you will be able to email, organize your work on one platform.

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