10 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Blog Without Alarming Your Readers

Making money blogging is one goal that every blogger is aspiring to achieve and as I have observed, it has been the question of every person to a “professional blogger” is “how do you make money from blogging?”. To me, it is okay for you to ask that question but do not have it in mind that it is the only way to make money because one of the things that will lead to the getting of that money is when you use more than one way to get money to their blog. This way is a very effective way to get money online as long as the web stays and there is always a possibility that such business will work out fine.

So, with all these said, I will present to you the 10 easy ways to make money from your blog and I advice that you use them to your own advantage.

10 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Blog Without Alarming Your Readers

  1. The first thing you need to know is to sell your Ads: wait a minute! Speaking of selling, I do not mean you should pester your subscribers or visitors with your products because you want to sell them by all means. When you feel your traffic rate is increasing, the step to take is to sell your won Ads and be sure to set the amount wisely.
  2. If you feel it is impossible to sell your Ads on your own, you can join an Ad Network. This will make it easy for you to manage your sales and also attract more traffic to your blog.
  3. Try out affiliate programs and form of marketing: in this case, I have observed that more income comes from the promotion of eBooks and other online courses. You can also input affiliate marketing in your posts. To make it easier for you, you can try out ClickBank and pick a product from there; or you can just simplify it by picking a product from a sub-category and choosing a blogging marketing eBook.
  4. Promoting affiliate products: most people try this out but they do it wrongly. When promoting products, you must be sure that what you are promoting is what you are making use of.
  5. Open a shop from your blog: after trying your possible best to sell your Ads, the next thing is to open a shop on your blog which will definitely take a lot of time and dedication and can also be the beginning of a whole new career path.
  6. Another easy way is to create a video: not just any video, but a branded one. Branding a video is similar to a sponsored post and the creation of content matters which will be useful from your viewers and the brand alike.
  7. Create tutor classes from your blog: this can be done either by selling subscriptions on your blog or doing it for real. You must also be sure that your topics are relevant and also limited by imagination.
  8. Sell services: this can be done from your blog and it can be used as your home base according to your area of specialty.
  9. Use it to get more jobs: most people have not tried this because it hasn’t occurred to them; but the truth about this is that it really helps and the creation of a portfolio with your blog will get you that job you have being hoping for.
  10. Take action: this is for those who haven’t acted on it yet. Anyway, try out this Blogging eCourse which I expect you to follow to the later and see what it brings you.

Well, with all these in place, I expect that you use them to your own advantage and see where it leads you. Wish you success.

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