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10 Of the Biggest Advantages of WordPress CMS

Introduced for the first time to public in the year 2003, WordPress has become the most popular content management system (CMS) today. Initially launched solely for bloggers, this CMS software has become the first choice of corporates and small businesses as well.

Want to know the 10 most important benefiting of resorting to WordPress CMS for your web presence?  Read on

1. It’s Easy to Use

Don’t believe me? Well, there are millions of users all around the world claiming that WordPress is extremely easy to use. It has a very intuitive user interface. Whether you want to add a new page to your website, post a new blog or add an image, doing this with the administrative panel of WordPress software is a like a child’s play and it takes no time! WordPress software leverages the best of modern technology to reduce the time spent on editing, adding, uploading, deleting content on web pages considerably.

2. Log-in to Your Admin Panel from any Computer

WordPress is browser-based software, meaning you can access the admin panel of your site from any computer, provided the PC has internet access. So, you can manage your website being anywhere in the world.

3. Say Goodbye to HTML or FTP Software Used For Editing Purpose

Yes, it is absolutely true! You no more need the editing software of HTML like Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver while using WordPress CMS.  It is self-sufficient CMS software. You can create a new blog or add a new page, format the content, upload new images or edit them, upload videos, images and documents, etc. with no need of any FTP or HTML editing software.

4. WordPress Sites Are Search-Engine Friendly

Taking into account the fact that back end coding source of WordPress websites is extremely simple and thus it takes no longer time for search engine spiders to read and index the site’s pages. Moreover, every web page, blog post, or an image can have its own Meta tag keyword, Meta tag description and title, which you can later optimize for higher SERP. You may also make use of tags to take your SEO efforts to the next level.

5. You’ve the Ultimate Command and Control of Your Site

Sounds like you are the boss of your site, right? is it really true? Of course it is. You no more need to request your web designer to do small changes on your site. You can easily make those simple updates on own.

6. Bespoke Website Design Guaranteed

The design of your WordPress site can easily be changes to best reflect your company’s product, your brand or your industry type. It helps you create websites that offer more personalized experience to its visitors. After all, WordPress is the best known custom CMS development software.

7. Off-the-shelf Blog Available

WordPress have in-built blogging features, which are easy to integrate and upload on your web serve.

8. Leverage the Power of Add-ons to Extend the Functionality of your Website

This CMS comes with many add-ons or plug-ins such as you can easily add an event calendar or Facebook Fan box into your website. Most of the plug-ins are free and the rest are available at the lowest prices.

9. Provides a Room for Future Expansion of Your Business

Sites built using WordPress CMS are highly scalable. And with the extension and expansion of your site, the performance will not be deteriorated.

10. It allows Multiple Users

Yes, it is true that you as an administrator of your site can create multiple user accounts and assign different access levels to every user.

So, what’s holding you back? Harness the power of WordPress development and reach the next level of your online business.

Alex is a professional technology writer. He has penned about the benefits of WordPress Development, Joomla Customization and Magento development a number of times.

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