3 Ways to Convert Youtube to MP4 in 2021 for Free [Latest Update]

Meta: Save your time with the best 3 ways to convert Youtube to MP4 in 2021

Have you experienced the uncomfortable feeling when listening to music or watching favourite videos on Youtube, and suddenly the Internet collapses? It’s certainly not a pleasant thing.

Or when you want to store videos on your device to watch but can’t download from Youtube? Downloading all the best-loved videos on Youtube and keeping them on your device becomes the desire of many Youtube lovers.


Well, it’s possible. Now there are many ways to download YouTube videos and save them on your computer to watch whenever you want. The following article will show the best 3 ways to convert Youtube to MP4 in 2021.

Now let’s check these out!

Best converters for Youtube to MP4

FreedownloadHQ – The Leading YouTube to MP4 converter

FreedownloadHQ is the most popular Youtube to MP4 converter today. for its tempting offerings:

  • 15+ file formats supported
  • Download videos with the highest resolution
  • Easily save and organize videos on your device

Best of all, this website is entirely free. Yes, you did not hear wrong—high-quality service for as little as $0. Users will not need to pay anything when using the website. In addition, they also do not need to register an account to use. This will help users feel secure about any hidden fees that often jump out in the last step when signing up for an account.

On the other hand, staying anonymous on the web also helps users avoid information disclosure. Many people report that they have had their personal information stolen and disturbed when using services on the Internet.

Some outstanding and unique critical features of FreeDownloadHq are:

  • Allow unlimited download & convert: FreeDownloadHQ allows users to access and download unlimited videos. With each access, users can convert and download multiple videos at the same time. This saves much time and is much more convenient for users. With just one click, they can download a whole bunch of videos to store on the device.
  • Works well on any device: FreedownloadHQ supports all operating systems: Android, iOs, and Windows. Whether using a phone, computer, or any operating system, users will not have any problems.
  • Support many video formats: Besides MP4 format, freedownloadHQ also supports many other formats. The currently supported formats are MOV, 3GP, OGG, FLAC, WMV, MP2, ACC, WMA, FLV, and AVI. All video formats are converted and downloaded in the best quality. Therefore, users can experience high-quality video while offline.
  • Youtube-to-GIF Maker: FreeDownloadHQ allows users to create gifs from Youtube videos right on the platform. You will not need to install any additional apps or extensions to create GIFs from your favourite videos.

YT1S – Simple & Convenient Youtube to MP4 Converter

YT1S is a Youtube Downloader founded in 2020 by a team of young technology enthusiasts. Although just launched, YT1S has quickly developed and risen to become the top Youtube Downloader on the market. The YT1S user community is growing and expanding worldwide.

With YT1S, you can easily save Youtube videos to your local device. YT1s also offers many formats and video qualities for users to choose from.



Some key features that the YT1S development team can be proud of:

  • Fast and easy to use

YT1S has a highly user-friendly interface and system. Just copy the Youtube URL and paste it in the Search box, click “Convert,” and it’s done. The whole process is quick and straightforward. No account registration,  waiting, or fees are needed.

  • 100% Safe and Virus-Free

No one wants their device to be harmed by a virus or stolen. Therefore, YT1S also develops features to ensure user privacy and security. This website is 100% clean, without any harmful virus. At the same time, it also secures all user information (if any) when using the service.

  • Multiple platforms supported

YT1S supports all device platforms. Whether you use Windows, Mac, or any operating system, you can easily download and convert Youtube videos.

  • Full file format supported

YT1S supports converting and downloading all video and audio formats. You can choose any design you want and convert it to MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, WEBM and MO formats, etc.

  • Cloud support

A unique feature of YT1S is the support for uploading and storing files in the cloud. You can easily upload the files you converted to DropBox or Google Drive.

Y2Mate – One-stop Solution to Download Videos

Y2mate YouTube Downloader allows users to get Youtube videos in the best resolution. You can select the video you want and convert it into MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A or any format of your choice. All processes are simple and easy to use. No software or registration needed.

Some outstanding features of Y2Mate:

  • Free of charge:

You can convert and download any videos of your choice for entirely free. Y2Mate doesn’t charge any fee for its users.

  • Friendly Interface:

Anyone with basic knowledge of Copy-Paste can easily use the tool. All you have to do is paste the video URL on the search box and click “Convert”. Its interface is simple.

  • No registration required

You can download any videos you want without registering for an account. In that way, you can rest assured about your data or any hidden cost that can happen.

Pros and cons of using online Youtube to MP4 Converter

Online Youtube Downloader has gradually become more popular. “Best ways to convert Youtube video” reached the top search on many platforms. However, everything has its two sides. Let’s consider pros and cons of the best 3 ways to convert Youtube to MP4 in 2021:


  • It’s free
  • Easy to use and don’t require technical knowledge
  • Various media formats supported
  • Lightweight operation system
  • Fast Convert & Download Speed


  • Some advanced features may require extra payment
  • Online converters cannot keep the audio quality as good as in the original videos. But it can be 90 – 95%. Consider carefully if you need a high-quality soundtrack.
  • Converted audio files cannot be used for commercial purposes due to copyrights.


Downloading and converting Youtube videos without paying for the premium account is considered a copyright violation. Therefore, you should check it carefully and ask for permission from creators if needed. Don’t forget to give them the credits they deserve if you use them for commercial purposes.


Above are 3 ways to convert Youtube to MP4 in 2021. Please carefully consider the pros and cons when using each tool to make the best choice. We hope this article can provide you with the knowledge you need.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a message, we will settle all your concerns immediately.




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