3 Ways Twitter Can Help You Create Great Blog Content

3 Ways Twitter Can Help You Create Great Blog Content

Social media has done many things for our society. There’s no denying the impact sites like Facebook and Twitter have on the way in which we live and communicate in the world today. Social networking  reinvented common communication and furthered the influence of the internet of social interactions.

That being said, many people have also criticized social media hubs like Twitter and Facebook for being detrimental to the way in which we speak and write. Interestingly, however, much of the writing that is produced on Twitter can set a great example for quality blog content writing.

Many of the fundamental aspects of Twitter are essential writing pointers for blog writers in today’s blogosphere. Take these three lessons learned from the Twittersphere in your blogging to produce content that is perfect for an internet audience.

Be Brief and Precise

Blog writing is all about being concise. The average internet user has a fairly short attention span. You want your articles to be direct and to the point. Twitter helps you practice developing short, concise thoughts. By constricting yourself to 140 characters, you find ways to construct complete and thorough thoughts in a short amount of space.

This is a wonderful skill to have for blog writing. Twitter encourages people to focus on the central point of their sentence and or idea and then cultivate that thought in the most effective way possible. By practicing this precise language over and over again on Twitter, bloggers can perfect their writing skills and take those Twitter skills to their articles.

Internet readers what instant gratification when they are online. Having to wade through pointless sentences and wordiness will cause you to lose valuable readers. Keep things clean and clear.

Edit Edit Edit

With Twitter, users have to be careful to edit their Tweets before they send them out for the entire to read. Of course, there are many people who do not edit their Tweets thoroughly enough. However, for the most part, Twitter encourages us to read through our writing and look for any mistakes or typos.

Creating polished and carefully edited blog articles is an essential aspect of becoming a trusted and praised blogger. Your audience looks to you for your expertise in whatever area you blog in. If your posts are riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes, it will be hard to establish yourself as a professional expert.

Twitter is a wonderful tool for editing because it forces you to notice your writing and read your prose. The most fundamental aspect of editing is proofreading. Take the time to reread your posts just as you would reread a Tweet before making it live.

Know Your Audience

Blogging is all about your audience. You are creating content that you think your audience would like to see and that you hope your audience will respond to in a positive way. One of the most difficult aspects of writing in general is identifying who exactly it is you are writing for.

Knowing your audience is essential to understanding what message you should write and how you should convey that message. Twitter teaches a valuable lesson in learning your audience. You wouldn’t Tweet something that you know your audience doesn’t want to read.

For example, if your followers are only close friends you would likely post different things than if your followers were primarily family members and professional contacts. Know your audience.

You should tailor your writing to suit your audience. This does not mean that you need to lose the personal voice and flare that you put in your writing, but you should consider what style of writing your audience would best respond to.

This guest post is contributed by Angelita Williams, who writes on the topics of online courses.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id: angelita.williams7(at)gmail.com.

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