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5 Tips To Create Excellent Video Content For Beginners

Are you still shooting your videos in a conventional style? You might think that you can shoot professional videos with only expensive equipment, but this is not true. Creating a professional video is not about tools only; it is about skills that you have to gain; as we know that video content has gained so much popularity in the market, and everyone is running to make the best compelling content.

If you are a beginner and worried about your video content, then don’t worry; we have mentioned some excellent tips that you can use to create the best video for your next project or work.



1. Light to make your video bright 


While shooting a video, you must check whether the amount of light is good or not because light is one of the most important aspects of video making. If you do not focus on the light, it will not look the best despite shooting the best video. One of the best sources of light is the sun, so if you are planning to shoot outdoor, you can use natural light, but to get the perfect shot, you have to shoot in either morning or evening; you can’t shoot in the mid-day because the sun is over the head at that time and you have to deal with the harsh shadow. Still, you can shoot in the mid-day if the atmosphere is cloudy or in a shady area where light is softer.


If you are planning to shoot indoors, you have to consider so many things about the light, like the amount of light, types of lights, and light placement. Furthermore, you have to decide which type of effect you want to create in your final video; according to that, you have to do the light placement. Based on the light, you can create a vibe through your video.


2. The background must be clean


If you want your audience to focus on your content in the video, you have to keep your background clean; otherwise, it will be very distracting. The best and the most professional background for your video are solid colors that might be a wall, bedsheet, or backdrop paper sheet. Anything you can use, just make sure that your object and background are at a distance so that shadow will not be cast on the background. However, you can also shoot a video where you work that looks so professional.


While recording video, avoid shooting video in front of a window or any other reflective surface; it will affect the shot; moreover, your camera will be seen in the reflection. If you have a stable and good background, then your video will look better, and viewers can focus on the content in the video.


3. Good video processing 


Your recorded video will not be the final video. You have to make certain changes to it, so you need a good video editor who knows all the basics, or you can do it by yourself by using good video editing software or apps. There are various video maker tools that you can use to create, record and edit a video. While selecting a good video editing/making tool or app, you have to focus on the following things:


  • The app/tool must have trim and crop feature
  • Enable you to add text to the video
  • Enable you to add filters to add beauty to your video
  • The app/tool must have a library of sounds


After editing, you will get the final version that you can post on various social platforms. While editing, you will realize what to add and what is redundant. That is why editing is necessary. Furthermore, you can add sound to the video, making it attractive.


4. Stable and vivid footage


Do you know shaky footage creates a bad impression among your users and looks very unprofessional? You should try to avoid holding the camera rather than using a tripod or keeping your camera on a steady surface. After setting the camera, try not to change its position even if you want to change the perspective, then cut the shot, change the location, and start again; you can shoot a professional video. If, after doing all this, you are getting shaky footage, then there is so much video stabilization software that you can use however there is an in-build footage stabilization option available in some cameras. Steady footage gives the users the best experience.


5. Clear audio 


Do you know the audio is the soul of any video? Most people like to watch the video in low quality until and unless it has a good sound. If you cannot provide clean sound, then within a second, the viewer will go back from your video. As there is a huge importance of audio, you must buy a good microphone through which you can add clean and clear audio to your video. Furthermore, you also have to focus on any background sound that you have to eliminate, as birds or traffic sounds can distract the viewers.


While recording sound, keep your microphone close as much as possible to the subject so that you will hear the clear sound. Also, you can use various apps that can eliminate blips and crackles in the final audio. Clear audio with high-quality video is the perfect combination that the audience is looking for.


Wrapping up

Video content is one of the most important in today’s time; whether you want to sell anything or promote anything, you have to create video content, but there are so many professionals out there in the market who are creating compelling videos, and you have to compete with them. So without using the best practices, you can’t match their level. Even if you don’t have expensive equipment, it does not matter, but you must follow some best practices. We have mentioned the tips to create the best video content that you can use to create the best and most professional video content.

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