A few words about modern theater Part 2

Frankly, in a variety of theaters, including with big names, another minimalist staging looks clean Amateur. Neither great acting, nor strained fancies of the Director. Turns out just the chorus of old women of “the Twelve chairs”, by themselves, worthy of admiration for his drive, but being seen on the professional stage showing her this scene, disaster.

Exceptions only prove the rule. In the end, the rejection of the registration of the performance becomes a kind of symptom of time, its interested parties, its realities, its problems. Instead of a full picture of life we see the lump emotions. Good or bad another question. That is, it exists, it exists. In the end, it’s not for lack of the theater artist statement.

The case in trends in replacement artist classical theatre immoderate and often very strange exultation in the new theatre. To replace the art assets (any, not important, there is a painted backdrop on the stage or not!). Than becomes the life, becomes her no display, no! becomes her on stage. There is no need to break chairs, by saying here that theatre and art in General the essence of the Convention. And as was already mentioned here, for the first time three thousand years ago.

That’s why I with great interest went to a small exhibition, where he was waiting for a grateful audience to the work of the students of production faculty of one of the best theater schools. So there is something, I sincerely hoped, you will see stairs not overheating, and some space projects of scenery and costumes, the designs of modern performances, celebrating the fullness and real, not forced novelty. Alas. On the walls were mostly easel paintings (impression of them not here). Well, quite a few traditional images of costumes. Honestly, I was very disappointed. So that’s where, ladies and gentlemen, everything goes. Already the stairs are not taught?

In the end I will Express here a fresh idea it determines the result. Dosing of art drugs can be adequate or inadequate, necessary for the performance or nonbinding, no recipes. Once in the Theater of the red Army on the stage went real tank. A roar, a bluish smoke from the exhaust pipe, wildly rotating caterpillar… I bet it was Cool. And now I am striking a real live horse in “Pharaoh’s Daughter”.

The old white horse live (or already living?) in a Large, everyone knows that. What about the then his horse thought Marius in 1862 (I think) year, the science of the unknown. It is clear that now decided just to repeat the memorial setting. But now, in the twenty first century, live in obviously the conditional part, I repeat, is striking. Of course, I’m not talking about a specific, or rather not only about a particular play. If the horse is alive, why are they jumping all the time there? And all is silent, Yes silent. Tell him to stop, normally I would say to make it clear…

Probably would be very surprised, give it to someone to put the show without the artist. But this is ballet… But it’s the century. By the Way, in the same a Large I saw an absolutely stunning modern French ballet cost, of course, the scenery and imagine, a minimum of costumes. Dancers and dancers in a bodily bodysuits produced the overall impression is completely naked.

And now I think that if the overall trend is completely defined, it should be understood that it expresses. Why? What is it similar? And what, in the end, it’s our time, rejecting naturopathy and thoroughness for the sake of a brief but turbulent emotions? Enough, indeed, on the stage of the headscarf (but great), enough conventions, brought to the limit, or really need more actors to strip naked to the attention of the audience from their games to distract? But if naked people appear on stage and this is a logical conclusion, as they say, trend, what will we see? That’s right only dressing room. Or shared sauna in Finland. The initiative is certainly interesting, but, as he wrote the classic, not for our climate.

Teetering before the abyss of such apparent insanity, the theatre anyway, I know of defines itself out hastily pulling it back burdensome Luggage. It seemed to be late for the flight, the passenger him to fly, need to fly! He runs to check, dragging a suitcase, and more than a specified weight are not allowed! And he throws the fuck up unnecessary suitcase right there at the counter with electronic scales and a smiling but unyielding girl in a blue forage cap. Throws the suitcase and running through the austere high tech corridor, reminiscent of modern theatre shields, runs there where shines the still open hatch of the plane ready to take off. Airplanes sometimes fall. It is well known. But did I say that we all do not have to fly?

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