Apple aids AIDS fight

Apple aids AIDS fight

A campaign launched by Apple will now allow its customers support the initiative of World AIDS Day 2014. Apple has announced that in this campaign it plans to donate a part of the money received through app purchases on the App store to a Global Fund which helps people all over the world fight AIDS.

This noble campaign by Apple begins from today and will stretch for two weeks before coming to an end on the 8th of December, 2014. During this time period, 25 apps will be released by Apple which will be having exclusive new content for (RED) and the money which the company will receive from the purchase of these apps on its very own app market, the App Store, will be forwarded to the Global Fund, which helps affected people fight AIDS. The apps which are taking part in this campaign by Apple include several crowd favorites such as Angry Birds, FIFA 15 and Garage Band among several others.

Apart from this, the company has also stated that it will also donate a major portion of the sales which are made at its online and various retail stores around the world on Cyber Monday i.e. the 1st of December and also on Black Friday which is the 28th of November to the same Global fund. These two dates have historically been two of the most active shopping days in a calendar year. Customers based in the US will also get a special edition gift card from iTunes if they purchase some specific (RED) products from Apple on 28th of November.

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