Are Catholics allowed to marry Hindus?

Are Catholics allowed to marry Hindus?

So, bottom line: yes, a baptized Catholic may validly and licitly marry a Hindu, provided the Catholic receives a dispensation. One’s parish priest can help with obtaining the dispensation.

Can a non Catholic marry a Catholic in a Catholic church in India?

As per the report, the Church allows a Catholic to marry a member of another faith, who does not want to be baptised, only in special circumstances. Even then, such marriages are not considered sacrament even if conducted inside a church. The bogey of “love jihad” has also found backing from Catholic bishops in Kerala.

Can a Catholic get married in a temple?

Couples in which both parties are Catholic are required to get married in a Catholic church. If one member of the couple is Jewish, they can be married in a church, a synagogue or the chapel of a hall. These couples, too, need the permission of the bishop.

Is interfaith marriage allowed in Hinduism?

Hinduism. In Hinduism, spiritual texts like Vedas do not have any views on interfaith marriages by differentiating between people of different religions . This is because there was no known religion in old times when Vedas were written .

Can a Hindu get married in a Catholic Church?

But keep in mind they are considered married by the Church only if the Hindu spouse promises to raise the children in the Catholic faith. Marrying in the church building but with a non-church ritualLegally, yes to can. In India, inter-caste marriages are allowed under the law without anyone converting.

What makes a marriage valid in the Catholic Church?

Marriage has a very specific meaning in the Catholic church, so in order for it to be a valid marriage, a Catholic must agree to the substance of what the church says marriage is (free, total, faithful, and fruitful- raising children Catholic), and follow the Catholic form (in a church with a priest/deacon).

Why did I have a Hindu priest at my wedding?

“Since Seema is Hindu and I am Christian, it took a lot of time, discussion and planning to figure out the right way to honor both of our faiths. For the wedding we chose to have a Pandit (a Hindu priest) to honor the traditions and ceremony of the Hindu culture…

How did Hindu couple bring their faiths together?

We had a dear family friend of the groom’s father, Uncle Madhu, lead us through the rituals of a Hindu marriage ceremony as we paid respect to our families, exchanged a mangalya (wedding necklace) and performed the sapthapadi (seven steps around the fire).

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