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Can a Hanafi pray Asr at Shafi time?

Can a Hanafi pray Asr at Shafi time?

I pray asr according to the hanafi time. But you want to limit yourself to the Hanafi school and wish to do everything their way, then you cannot use the Shafi`i time.

What is Shafi and Hanafi time?

Hanafi: is equal to its shadow at noon plus twice the length of the rod. Shafi: is equal to the length of the rod plus its shadow at noon. It ends about 10 minutes before sunset.

Why are prayer times different?

Because the start and end times for prayers are related to the solar diurnal motion, they vary throughout the year and depend on the local latitude and longitude when expressed in local time.

How are Muslim prayer times determined?

Prayer times are determined by the position of the sun in the sky. The Muslim day begins with the sunset prayer, Mahgrib, followed by the evening prayer, Isha, which begins at nightfall. The Zuhr (noon prayer) and the Asr (afternoon prayer) are given by shadow-lengths.

How late can I pray ASR?

The period of Asr prayer begins approximately when the sun is halfway down from noon to sunset (various branches of Islam differ on the starting point; some say that it begins when the shadow of an object equals its actual length plus its shadow during noon, others say that the actual length must be doubled), following …

Why are there two prayer times for ASR?

Can we pray Asr before azan?

The time for Subh prayers is till sunrise. Its recommended to pray at second dawn. A person cannot pray farz Salah before the time starts or else before azaan. As Allah gave us the time period within which we have to pray farz salah.

Can I pray Zuhr after Asr?

Islam: Can I still pray Dhuhr and Asr together after I’ve missed Asr by about an hour? – Quora. Yes, even in that case you can, and you should, perform both Salaah together. However, it should not become a habit to delay in that manner.

Can I pray right after azan?

If you are praying by yourself then you can pray as soon as the time for that particular prayer starts. If you can hear the azan then as a sign of respect you should wait for it to end, otherwise you can start your prayer immediately.

Can I pray Dhuhr and Asr together?

Yes, even in that case you can, and you should, perform both Salaah together. However, it should not become a habit to delay in that manner. You should try earnestly to find a place and opportunity to pray then at their times.

What are the forbidden prayer times?

The times when the prayers are prohibited, are at the time of Sunrise, Sunset, and Zawaal.

Can a person pray according to the Hanafi school?

When living in a cosmopolitan place like Dubai with many different Islamic groups living there, at home you could continue praying according to the Hanafi school. The Hanafi timings are compatible with mainstream timings, so anyone can pray at the Hanafi times without issue.

What’s the difference between Hanafi and Maliki prayer?

In terms of differences of practise – they are largely on small details. For example: In prayer, when sitting and reciting duaa: Hanafi – only stick out the forefinger when saying the shahadah (la ilaha illallah…) Maliki – make a fist and stick out the forefinger and wave it back and forth

What’s the difference between Hanafis and mainstream Muslims?

The difference is that Hanafis reject the mainstream timings, saying they are too early for asr and isha’, so that they refuse to pray at a mosque that performs these two prayers too early in their opinion. This means that you would only have an issue if you wanted to pray asr or isha’ at the mosque and the mosque holds these prayers too early.

When does asr time begin according to the Ahnaaf?

The present matter is a question about Asr time. When does it begin? According to the Ahnaaf, Asr time commences at Mithlain, i.e. when the length of the shadow of an object has reached twice the length of the object plus Fay-e-Zawaal.

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