Can a mobile home park charge a fee?

Can a mobile home park charge a fee?

Owners and operators of manufactured housing parks are prohibited from: Requiring more than three months’ rent as an entry fee, or charging any fee unless services are rendered Limiting whom current residents can sell their manufactured housing to, other than requiring new owners to meet park rules

Who is responsible for parking in mobile home parks?

It’s also the mobile home park owner’s responsibility to have a plan in place in case of an emergency. All lots must have at least enough space for two parked cars. Some parks are exempt if they only had one parking space per lot at the time of opening. Roads are the responsibility of the park.

Can you pay for parking with Parkmobile app?

Quickly pay for on-street parking right from your mobile device. Watch the video to learn how simple parking with ParkMobile can be. ParkMobile is making parking easier in over 3,000 locations across all major cities in North America. You need to run errands but you’re worried about the possible spread of germs.

How much do you get for selling a park home?

The park owner gets up to 10% of the selling price (known as a ‘commission’) when you sell your home. give the buyer certain information – for example about the commission and pitch fees

Do you have to pay for mobile home park?

Unless you install a manufactured home on your private property, chances are someone — be it a mom and pop owner or, increasingly, a huge corporation — will be charging you rent to park your home on their land.

Who is the management of a mobile home park?

“Management” means the owner of a mobilehome park or an agent or representative authorized to act on his behalf in connection with matters relating to a tenancy in the park. [Added 1978 ch. 1031.] CIV §798.3. Mobilehome

Where do you mail mobile home Park notices?

Unless otherwise provided, all notices required by this chapter shall be either delivered personally to the homeowner or deposited in the United States mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the homeowner at his or her site within the mobilehome park. [Added 1988 ch. 301.] ARTICLE 2.

Who is responsible for parking in a driveway?

Driveways may be the responsibility of park unless the driveway was installed or damaged by the homeowner. Passage of GSMOL sponsored and supported AB 862 by Assemblymember Lou Correa resulted in Civil Code section 798.37, which became effective January 1, 2001.

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