Contemporary theatre: art therapy or unnecessary anachronism?

That’s when you last went to the theatre? Do modern productions? Follow the repertoire of the Opera? And anyway, do I need to go to the theatre? Now, when there are so many entertainment gadgets, when any movie series can be found on the Internet, why is it needed? Whether it is necessary to consider the theatre solely as entertainment or a way of art therapy? A lot of questions.

By the way, in ancient Athens, every free citizen of the Polis had to visit the theatre. He was seen as the school of civics and prophylaxis of neuroses. Anyway, I think the supporters of the medical theory of “catharsis” (cleansing), originating in the writings of Aristotle.

Theatre is a unique gift that allows people to be temporarily immersed in another world. While we watch the show, feel the characters, think the same as them. At the time the emotions of the actors become. We have the opportunity to experience imaginary problems and think about their watching experiences of the characters.

Going to the theatre with us in a certain way obliges and disciplinary. In the movie we can go just with friends or in vacant time window, then going to the theater most often planned: we study the poster, read reviews, looking for the names of favorite artists. Well, the dress code, gentlemen. To wear gowns and tuxedos are not necessary, and however we try to dress elegant. Going to the theatre not only cultural centers and emotional discharge, but a small celebration. Which can be arranged at any day of the week.

Of course, the performance of the play strife. Not always sensational piece will absolutely delight you. And Vice versa: setting Arthouse in a small theatre can produce the clearest visual experience that will haunt for a few days.

Someone may not enjoy old plays or classical ballet. Look at the theatre in its repertoire there are a number of contemporary productions. I loved the musical and dance performance (so defined genre): all-time performances not a single word, a single replica of the actors, music, plastic, dance, shows the change of epochs and characters of the people. Unusual, bright and very emotional. The next performance is January 28, on the note (click-click)

Also, in the theatre for several years, there is an experimental creative workshop During this performance hall is empty, spectators sit on the stage, and the action unfolds right before your eyes. The number of seats for these shows are limited, so book tickets in advance. Of these experimental productions watched.

Opera in addition to classical ballets, too, there is a lot of art Nouveau. Why are only the ballet-tale “the Firebird” and quite erotic “Spring sacred” Igor Stravinsky staged by choreographer George! Another example the ballet “yell” on the novel, “Go to Golgotha” staged. The birth of a New man, search yourself, the internal opposition, is not simply a ballet, not just a dance, and the appeal to philosophy, an occasion to reflect on modern society.

If the Opera house, theater, or Comedy, well, not so welcome in modern theatres. Here, only modern plays, more plays, and experiments:

In “Beit Grand”, you can not only immerse themselves in Jewish culture, but also to look modern, the plays staged by the Theatre “Nijinsky”: “Gobies in tomato sauce”, “7:40”, “There was a courtyard” – the names speak for themselves.

Although the “House of clowns” has been running the first year (the theater opened in 2003), it has not lost its relevance. On stage play performances based on the plays – “Romeo and Juliet”, “Don Giovanni”, “Orpheus and Eurydice” and also clown programs from the repertoire of the comic troupe. Of interesting new productions – a solo performance “The Savage” performed by About the relationship between men and women.

Theatrical laboratory, founded by the graduates of the Odessa theater school. Why “Tea”? Because the theatre is in the building’s former tea-packing factory. Small room for fifty places are always full. So the tickets must be booked in advance.

Summing up. Although, is it necessary? To go to the theater or to walk a matter of personal choice. But I would be glad if you tend to first: walk! look! share impressions! Experienced psychologists say: “Do not need to thoroughly study psychology, just read.” And it’s true: if coming home after the theater, you suddenly think about some vital issue, the evening clearly was not in vain and you can be sure that as a person you learned a life lesson.

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