Do you think religion is right in influencing your morals?

Do you think religion is right in influencing your morals?

This finding has now been confirmed in numerous laboratory and field studies. Overall, the results are clear: No matter how we define morality, religious people do not behave more morally than atheists, although they often say (and likely believe) that they do.

What’s the best way to act like a Christian?

Follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ contained in the Holy Bible. It’s the only REAL “How To” about Christianity! Seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit because it is a promise given to everybody not only to guide but also to teach us. Don’t judge others.

What does the Bible say about good behavior?

Christians are “ God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works” ( Ephesians 2:10 ). And these last four words “to do good works” epitomize the behavior that glorifies God and makes Christ real to others.

What are the guidelines for being a Christian?

Be an obedient Christian. Let Christ have first place in all the choices of your life. Learn how to meet temptation. Temptation is not sin. It is yielding that is sin. Let Christ through the Holy Spirit do the fighting for you. Be a wholesome Christian. Our lives and appearance should commend the Gospel and make it attractive to others.

What are some bad behaviors that Christians do?

While Christians might be good at not drinking, there are other ways Christians lack self-control. They may turn away from drinking or smoking, they often go overboard when it comes to church potlucks. We need to exhibit self-control in all we do, and that includes our eating patterns.

How are people supposed to act like Christians?

They did everything that would indicate that they were Christians by todays standards. They put Bible verses on their desks, posted Christian messages on Facebook and Twitter, and went to church each week to send Hallelujahs upward into heaven. Bob on the other hand, had no idea who Jesus was. He hadn’t read the Bible and hadn’t “been saved” yet.

Do you have to love others to be a Christian?

Many people have trouble with that one. Judging is for God to do, not us. As Christians, we are called to love each other, and that means leaving the judging to God. Rebuking others (preferably as compassionately as possible) is fine, but first you must do as Jesus Read your Bible and pray every day.

What does the Bible say about Christian behavior?

Christian behavior includes heeding Jesus’ call for us to be His witnesses to “the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). We are to share the gospel, which Paul defined as the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). As it was said, “Preach the gospel always,…

What should I do if I want to be a Christian?

So if you call yourself a Christian…then just start loving others and overlooking their faults. Quit trying to make everyone else pay for their sins. God’s got that under control. Become ambassadors of mercy instead heavenly bounty hunters and you’ll never have to beg someone to listen to your message about Christ again.

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