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How can I reach Mehandipur Balaji temple from Mumbai by train?

How can I reach Mehandipur Balaji temple from Mumbai by train?

Train, train to Pune, fly to Jaipur • 9h 16m

  1. Take the train from Dadar to Kalyan Jn.
  2. Take the train from Kalyan Jn to Pune Jn.
  3. Fly from Pune (PNQ) to Jaipur (JAI) PNQ – JAI.
  4. Take the train from Gandhinagar Jpr to Bandikui Jn.

Can we go to Mehandipur Balaji?

Mehandipur Balaji is a temple situated in the Dausa district of Rajasthan, India in a small village named Mehandipur. The main deity of this temple is Lord Hanuman. Anyone can come to this temple.

Where is Mehandipur Balaji situated?

Dausa district
Mehandipur Balaji Temple is a Hindu temple located in the Dausa district in the state of Rajasthan. The temple is located on the Jaipur-Agra highway at a distance of 103 kilometers from Jaipur.

How far is Balaji from Jaipur?

The distance between Jaipur and Mehandipur Balaji is 100 km. The road distance is 106.3 km.

Which station is near to Mehandipur Balaji?

Bandikui is the closest railway station from the temple, and this station is very well connected to most other railway stations around the country. After getting off the train, you will have to travel for around 50 min to reach Mehandipur Balaji Temple.

How can I go to Tirupati Balaji temple by train?

The railway station at Tirupati is very spacious. It is endowed with five platforms and even an escalator. Trains from all the metros from India halt here. The closest airport to Tirumala is near Renigunta, which lies 16 km from Tirupati and 39 km from Lord Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala.

How can I go to Balaji temple?

One can reach to tirumala (the temple of lord balaji ), 22 km from tirupati either by bus/jeep/prepaid taxi. To reach central bus stand (1 km from railway station), one can hire a auto for 20 Rs. After every 15 min, there are buses for tirumala, fare 30Rs & takes around 1 hr.

What happens at Balaji?

You will see that the possessed men and women are banging their heads, pouring boiling water on them without feeling any pain; you find some of them hanging from the ceilings, adults chained to the big rocks and beaten by the pundits.

How can I go from Jaipur to Pushkar?

The fastest way to reach from Jaipur to Pushkar is cab to Pushkar and takes 2h 11m. The recommended way to reach from Jaipur to Pushkar is bus to Pushkar and takes 2h 30m. Buses from Rishabh travels, Jain Shiv Shankar Travels, Mahalaxmi Travels etc. Cabs from Gozo etc.

How can I go from Jaipur to Agra?

The cheapest way to reach from Agra to Jaipur is train to Jaipur and takes 4h 25m. The fastest way to reach from Agra to Jaipur is bus to Jaipur and takes 4h 0m. The recommended way to reach from Agra to Jaipur is train to Jaipur and takes 4h 25m. Train numbers 02307 etc.

Why Tirupati Balaji eyes are covered?

Since the devotees cannot just withstand the powerful radiation emanating from the eyes of the Lord, the eyes are covered on most days excepting on Thursdays when the size of the white mark is relatively smaller enabling the devotees glimpse at the Lord’s eyes to an extent.

Is dhoti compulsory in Tirupati?

According to this code, a woman devotee can wear saree or a chudidar with chunni, whereas a male devotee can wear dhoti or lungi with uttareeyam or kurta-pyjama. That is why we have decided to enforce the dress code,” the TTD official said.

How can I get VIP darshan in Tirumala?

Devotees can avail of the facility on any day of their choice by submitting details of their tickets at the Arjitham office at Tirumala a day in advance before 5 pm. For more details, devotees can dial the phone number 0877-2263589 or send mail to arjithamoffice@

What happens at Mehandipur Balaji?

Why is ghost afraid of Hanuman?

It is said that once Lord Shiva was very angry and his anger was born Kaal Bhairav. They are afraid of ghosts and that is why yesterday Bhairav is worshipped by the Tantriks. On the other hand, when it comes to Hanuman, they also drive away from the ghosts and the ghosts run away as soon as their name is chanted.

Which city is nearest to Jaipur?

Major cities near Jaipur, India

  • 125 km to Ajmer, India.
  • 173 km to Bharatpur, India.
  • 194 km to Kota, India.
  • 199 km to Mathura, India.
  • 208 km to Bhilwara, India.
  • 222 km to Agra, India.
  • 225 km to Faridabad, India.
  • 234 km to Rohtak, India.

Is it worth visiting Pushkar?

Yes, it is worth the visit as it is a charming place. I went there for a couple of days during the camel fair about 3 years ago and liked it in spite of the hassle associated with the fair (I had a lot of trouble booking a hotel in advance from home, for instance), but it has a lot of charm and character.

Is Agra safe at night?

Although quite rare, it’s still better to remain cautious, particularly if you are new to the city. Avoid walking alone at night (especially women), or if walking is unavoidable, then try to stay in well-lit public areas.

Which is better Agra or Jaipur?

Jaipur offers greater variety of tourist attractions and the standard of tourist facilities is better than Agra. The Taj is the most recognisable monument of India and Agra is worth visiting purely to see this magnificent building but Jaipur is the better destination.

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