How do I email Mary J?

How do I email Mary J?

Mary J. Blige Agent and Management Contact Details @(therealmaryjblige)

  1. Direct Tel: +1 310.
  2. Direct Email: cgoll.
  3. Company Email: [email protected]
  4. Company Tel: 001 31.
  5. Website: www.ic.

What is the 411?

In U.S. telephone exchanges, the number 411 is the extension used for information. Over time, this number developed into a shorthand way to talk about any kind of person-to-person or human communication.

Who abused Mary J?

During this turbulent time in her early life, Blige revealed to VH1’s “Behind the Music” that she was also being sexually assaulted by a family friend (via New York Daily News). The shame that she felt after the molestation, which occurred when she was just five years old, led her to make poor choices as a teenager.

What is Mary J Blige real name?

Mary Jane Blige
Mary J. Blige/Full name

Blige , in full Mary Jane Blige, (born January 11, 1971, Bronx, New York, U.S.), American singer-songwriter and actress who has been called the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.

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How much is Mary J Blige worth?

Mary J. Blige is worth around $20 million, according to

How much does it cost to book Mary J Blige?

Hip Hop & Rapper Booking Prices


What happens if you dial 411?

411 Search is directory assistance with automatic call completion. An operator will assist you when you request: Phone numbers.

What is a 411 police code?

411—Directory assistance*

What happened to Mary J Blige’s eye?

Mary J. Blige has never acknowledged how she got the scar below her left eye, rumors abound that it resulted from a fight she had with another woman. Another story is that the scar is from a traumatic event during childhood that she made a pact to never discuss.

What is Mary J Blige biggest hit?

Among Blige’s most popular songs to date are “Family Affair”, “Real Love”, “Not Gon’ Cry” and “Be Without You”. Blige has had four Billboard Hot 100 top-ten singles as a lead artist in the United States, and has had a total of sixteen top-forty charting singles in the United States.

Why doesn’t Mary J Blige have a child?

Blige doesn’t have any children of her own from any of her previous relationships. She was married to singer Kendu Isaacs for 15 years from 2003 and was a step-mother to his three children. Blige was a step-mother to Briana, Jordan and Nas Isaacs throughout this time until her marriage came to an end in 2018.

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What is Mary J Blige 2021 worth?

The “Work That” singer has become an all-around entertainer and entrepreneur, and her power is undeniable. Blige’s decades of hard work are reflected in her estimated net worth: $20 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.

How can I contact Mary J Blige management?

Contact Mary J. Blige’s publicist to inquire about any media inquiries. You can get the contact details for Mary J. Blige press team at Booking Agent Info. How can I contact Mary J. Blige management?

Who was Mary J Blige dating for 12 years?

Mary J Blige dated Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey, from the group Jodeci, for 12 years. In the end, she was left with public embarrassment and a lot of pain. Mary J Blige has always been open about the struggles she has faced in life. She was abused as a child, her father left her family when she was still a kid, and her mother was an alcoholic.

Who is the publicist for Mary J Blige?

Mary J. Blige through their representatives. Our website aims to provide the agent, manager, and publicist contact details for Mary J. Blige. Whether you are looking to get in touch with Mary J. Blige’s agent for an event, or Mary J. Blige management for an endorsement, we aim to provide you with the best and most accurate contacts.

How did Mary J Blige and K-Ci Hailey meet?

Before meeting Isaacs and marrying him in 2003, Mary was involved in a long-lasting relationship with a fellow R&B singer, K-Ci Hailey, whom she met while working on her first full-length album, “What’s the 411?” Mary and K-Ci became a poster couple: they were young, talented, and had thriving careers.

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