How do you answer Stanford short questions?

How do you answer Stanford short questions?

Short Response Questions (50 words) What historical moment or event do you wish you could have witnessed? Briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities, a job you hold, or responsibilities you have for your family. Name one thing you are looking forward to experiencing at Stanford.

What are the Stanford essay prompts?

Stanford University 2020-2021 Application Essay Question ExplanationsWhat is the most significant challenge that society faces today? (50 word limit) How did you spend your last two summers? (50 word limit) What historical moment or event do you wish you could have witnessed? (50 word limit)

How do you plan an answer?

Planning and writing your answersPlan your time. Allow 10 minutes of checking time at the end, and then allocate your remaining time according to the marks available for each answer. Read the question again. Before you start planning an answer read the question again so you start off in the right direction. Write a plan.

What is an answer plan?

Answer planning is a great way to mitigate the biggest risk in any Case Study exam – the risk that you won’t answer the question. For example: drifting off-topic, answering only part of the question, or simply spending far too little (or even too much) time on something.

How do you properly read a question?

Tips on How to Understand Questions ProperlyUnderline/encircle the key word or words to help you remember. Keep calm and do relaxed breathing. Answer the easy questions first. Preview and rephrase the question. Read each question properly in several times.

How do you answer exam questions effectively?

Answering Exam QuestionsRead through the entire exam to plan an overall strategy.Look at each exam question to identify key words.Think about what kind of writing the key word or words call for.Make notes to yourself of the points you want to cover in the response.Begin your response by echoing the question.

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