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How many Rakats are compulsory in Salah?

How many Rakats are compulsory in Salah?

But there are some rakats you should pray in addition with the four compulsory ones, according to some scholars. A total of 17 rakats: 4 Sunnat-e-Ghair Muakkadah. 4 Fardh*

Is dhuhr Sunnah compulsory?

These sunnah prayer don’t have a special name. Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha are all names of compulsory prayers.

Can I pray fajr just after azan?

yes you can pray as soon as fajr time starts,simply goto Most Accurate Prayer Times, Quran, Athan and Qibla Direction | IslamicFinder , search your city know when the time of fajr starts then you can pray, when it starts.

What is the minimum you can pray for Isha?

What are the minimum rakats you have to read in Isha? – Quora. For Sunni Moslems, 4 rakats if you are not travelling more than 2 marhallahs (about 81 km) and only 2 rakats if you do. The normal salaah with sunnah is the following, which Salafi and Hanafi follow and others who want more ajr.

How many rakats are in ZUHR QAZA?

If You Missed Fazr Prayer Thn 2 Rakats Fard Qaza Of Fazr. If You Missed Zuhr Prayer Thn 4 Rakats Fard Qaza Of Zuhr. If You Missed Asar Prayer Thn 4 Rakats Fard Qaza Of Asr. If You Missed Magrib Prayer Thn 3 Rakats Fard Qaza Of Magrib.

Can I pray sunnah before Adhan?

Wait for the Adhan as its normally called as they reach the time of salat and this is a sure sunnah as seen in sahih hadith . If theres no adhan after the passage of ample time even after reaching the fard salat starting time then you can pray the sunnah as its in the time and go to the masjid for congregation.

Is WITR prayer mandatory?

It is recorded that Ali bin Abu Talib said, “The witr prayer is not required like your obligatory prayers but the Prophet would perform the witr prayer and say, ‘O you people of the Quran, perform the witr prayer, for Allah is One and He loves the witr.'” The literal meaning of witr is “chord of a circle”.

Which comes first sunnah or fard?

Sunnah must be prayed first and then fard.. But if the congregation had already started as per some scholars you should pray first fard in congregation and then complete your sunnah.

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