How much was Ed Snider worth?

How much was Ed Snider worth?

Ed Snider Net Worth: Ed Snider was an American businessman and sports figurehead who had a net worth of $2.5 billion.

Did Ed Snider own the Flyers?

Snider founded the Flyers in 1967 and owned the team until his death in April of bladder cancer at 83. In a statement, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts called him “a visionary in the sports and entertainment industry” and said the deal will help his company “carry his spirit.”

Who is the founder of the Flyers?

Ed Snider
Philadelphia Flyers/Founders
Ed Snider’s emergence as a leader in the Philadelphia sports market started in 1964 as vice president with the Philadelphia Eagles. Two years later, he transformed sports in the City of Philadelphia when he mortgaged his home to establish a National Hockey League franchise as the founder of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Who owns the Wells Fargo Center?

Comcast Spectacor
Wells Fargo Center/Owners
Kennedy Stadium at a cost of $210 million, largely privately financed (though the city and state helped to pay for the local infrastructure). It is owned by Comcast Spectacor, which also owns the Flyers, and is operated by its arena-management subsidiary, Global Spectrum.

Who owns the NHL teams?

National Hockey League, L.P.
National Hockey League/Parent organizations

How did Ed Snider make his money?

Ed Snider was Chairman of Comcast Spectacor and Founder of the Philadelphia Flyers. He first worked at his father’s grocery store and during his college years at the University of Maryland, created a business with his fraternity brothers to sell Christmas trees.

Why are they called the Flyers?

Philadelphia needed a name for their team when Ed Snider brought a hockey club back to the city in 1966. A name-the-team contest was held. During that time Snider’s sister, Phyllis, suggested that they call the team the Flyers which sounds good when paired with Philadelphia.

How many Stanley Cups have the Devils won?


New Jersey Devils
Stanley Cups 3 (1994–95, 1999–00, 2002–03)
Conference championships 5 (1994–95, 1999–00, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2011–12)
Presidents’ Trophy 0
Division championships 9 (1996–97, 1997–98, 1998–99, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2005–06, 2006–07, 2008–09, 2009–10)

Why do the Sixers want a new arena?

“They just want to control their arena. The Sixers have said their desire to explore building themselves a new arena has nothing to do with their relationship with Comcast Spectacor. Still, the team is said to be seeking more flexibility in scheduling their games, which they would have at an arena of their own.

When was Wells Fargo Center built?

Wells Fargo Center Facts

Owner Comcast spectacor
Construction Company Driscoll
Architect Ellerbee-Beckett
Food Provider Aramark
Opening Date August 31, 1996

When did Ed Snider die?

April 11, 2016
Ed Snider/Date of death

Who owns the Philadelphia Eagles?

Jeffrey Lurie
Philadelphia Eagles/Owners

Who has the most goals on the Flyers?

Bobby Clarke
Career Leaders

1. Bobby Clarke* 1210
2. Bill Barber* 883
3. Claude Giroux 858
4. Brian Propp 849
5. Rick MacLeish 697

Who is the best player on the Flyers?

1. Claude Giroux. Claude Giroux is, without question, the single most important player on the Philadelphia Flyers.

Who is the Devils captain 2021?

POST-GAME REPORT | Nico Named Captain Hischier, 22, is in his fourth season with the Devils’ organization.

What player has most Stanley Cups?

Henri Richard
Players with most Stanley Cup rings

Rank Player Seasons
1 Henri Richard* 11
2 Jean Béliveau* 10
Yvan Cournoyer* 10

Where is the Boston Celtics Arena?

TD Garden
Boston Celtics/Arenas/Stadiums

What is the 76ers logo?

Philadelphia 76ers Primary Logo. The 76ers have always been closely identified with the logo featuring the number “76” with “13” stars arranged in a circle above the number “7” to represent the original “13” American colonies.

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