Is 2 months no contact too long?

Is 2 months no contact too long?

Basically, if you do no contact for 2 months, you miss your chance to win her back. The only circumstance when no contact for 60 days might be okay, is when you’ve previously tried a shorter period of NC, gone through the other essential steps to getting a girl back, and it hasn’t worked yet.

How do you’re attract your ex after no contact?

4 possible options for you to choose from:

  1. Pick up your phone, call her, re-attract her and get her to meet up with you.
  2. Send out a feeler text to see what reaction you get.
  3. Wait longer and see if she contacts you.
  4. Get her smiling or laughing via text to bring down her guard before you call her.

Will no contact work after 2 months?

The problem is that people expect no contact to work within weeks or months after they’ve messed up. Unfortunately, it won’t work that fast most of the time. No contact can work again, but for that to happen, you must give it enough time for your ex to hit a snag so that he or she faces reality.

What if she doesn’t reply after no contact?

It just means that your message is in there, it’s having an impact. It may just take a little bit of time for it to work its way through for them to realize, “Okay, yeah, I should probably get back to this person and just say ‘Hey’, or just respond.” It can take, sometimes, several weeks for them to make that decision.

Will no contact make her move on?

While you are in your No Contact Period, her feelings for you are not likely to subside as you may fear. Rather, the opposite usually happens. During the no contact period, she will likely begin to miss you and all of those good times the two of you enjoyed together.

How long of no contact is too long?

How long should you do the no contact rule for? I generally say you should go a minimum of four weeks without contact. This may not be enough for some people, especially if it was a very long-term and serious relationship, so I would say 4-8 weeks is standard. Definitely, do not do it for less than four weeks.

Does she miss me during no contact?

Even if she doesn’t show it, or say it, she will miss you. So there is no need to worry about that. The amount of time it will take her to miss you will vary depending on the situation.

Is 10 days of no contact enough?

At least 21 days / 3-weeks of no contact is best for most people and is the safe minimum for longer-term relationships. 10 days of no contact is enough for shorter relationships, up to one year. If your relationship is fresh (under three months,) then 7 days of radio-silence can work.

Will no contact help me move on?

No contact should last for a minimum of 60 days, and it includes no texting, no calling, and no interacting on social media. It can feel like an extreme move when you’re still working to get over a breakup, but the truth is that cutting off contact with an ex is the fastest, most effective way to truly move on.

Does silence make a girl miss you?

To summarize, does silence make a woman miss you? Yes, silence does make a woman miss you if she took you for granted and now has to bear the loss of your presence from her life. In fact, silence gives a woman an opportunity to reconsider her opinion of and feelings for you if she has initially lost interest.

What are the stages of no contact?

These are the five stages you can expect your ex to feel during a no contact rule.

  • Calm And Assured Of Their Decision (3 Days To A Week)
  • Worry After They Don’t Hear From You (Week To 2 Weeks)
  • Anger After They Realize They Are Being Ignored (2 Weeks To 2.5 Weeks)
  • Confrontation About What They Lost (2.5 Weeks to 3 Weeks)

What is the hardest part of no contact?

The first stage is the hardest as it appears right at the beginning of the breakup or the time when the dumpee is forced to follow this rule. The second stage takes place once the dumpee is past the initial powerful emotions of heartbreak. is able to function independently, and live his or her life much more carefree.

Should I text her again if she doesn’t reply?

If you’re texting with a busy bee, just give her at least one day to respond. If she hasn’t responded after that, then maybe she has forgotten you because she’s busy. In that case, it’s best to resume the conversation in a calm, light-hearted way.

How do you know if he misses me during no contact?

How To Know If Your Ex Misses You During No Contact

  • You Don’t See Them Around.
  • They Try To Call You Late At Night.
  • You See Your Ex Being Active On Social Medias.
  • They Don’t Date Other People.
  • They Act Really Nice Towards Your Friends.
  • They Make Time To See Your Family.
  • You Notice Them Changing.
  • They Get Angry For No Reason.

Will no contact make him forget me?

The short answer is “no,” but I’m sure you’d like to know how I know that. For starters, no contact is what gets your ex to remember you! It has the total opposite effect of forgetting you or of them moving on.

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