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Is Ayaan Muslim name?

Is Ayaan Muslim name?

This Arabic name means “God’s gift” and is a popular Muslim and Hindi name.

Is Ayaan a boy name?

The name Ayaan is primarily a male name of Indian origin that means Gift Of God. Ayaan is a boy’s name of Indian origin meaning “a gift of God.” It is most often used by those of either the Muslim or Hindu faiths.

Is Ayaan a boy or girl name?

The name Ayaan is a girl’s name meaning “God’s Gift”. This Arabic name, which can be used for either boys or girls, can also mean “wide-eyed” in the sense of someone who is studious and perceptive.

Who is Ayan in Islam?

Ayan (Arabic: عَيَّان ‘ayyān) is an Arabic male given name meaning “watchful, seeing, witnessing, viewing” which is a connotation to the Arabic word ‘ayn (عين) meaning “eye” or “sight”. The given name is not to be confused with the title or position, Ottoman Ayan. Ayan Mukerji, Indian film director.

What does Ayaan mean in Islam?

Ayaan name meaning is Gift Of God, Reward, Generosity. Ayaan is a Muslim boy name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 7.

Is Ayaan mentioned in the Quran?

Ayan is an Islamic name for a male child and it is directly mentioned in the Quran in many places such as: “They ask: “At what time is the Day of Judgment?” {Surat adh-Dhariyat 51:12}. Like the name ‘Ayan’ on Facebook or Tweet about it!

Is Ayan Hindu name?

Ayan is the Hindu boy name and also a cross-cultural name. The name Ayan is of Sanskrit, African, Arabic, Persian origins, which means it has more than one root. In Islam or Arabic, Ayan meaning God’s gift. Also, it means center part of the soul in African Languages.

Which God is Ayaan?

Ayaan Name – Meaning & Details

Name Ayaan
Religion Hindu
Gender Boy
Meaning The meaning of the name is ‘God’s gift’.
Description Ayaan is another name of Lord Vishnu.

Is Ayaan a common name?

The name Ayaan is a boy’s name meaning “God’s gift”. It’s rising quickly in popularity, along with many other names from the Indian subcontinent.

Is AYRA a Quranic name?

Ayra is a name of Arabic origin which is popular across the Muslim world. It means ‘respectable’ and is slowly becoming more popular in the UK.

What does Ayaan mean in Somali?

Ayaan is an Arabic name for boys but is used for girls in Somali. It’s familiar, yet uncommon, easy to pronounce and spell. Overall, Ayaan is a very attractive name. It means ‘lucky, fortunate, or bright’. It’s male version is Ayanle.

Which is the best name in Islam?


  • ADEEL. MEANING: virtuous, one who acts with justice and fairness. ORIGIN: Arabic.
  • AFREEN. MEANING: beautiful. ORIGIN: Persian.
  • ALI. MEANING: lofty, sublime. ORIGIN: Arabic.
  • AQIB. MEANING: successor.
  • ARSALAN. MEANING: lion, fearless.
  • ASAD. MEANING: lion.
  • ASIM. MEANING: guardian, protector.
  • Is Ayan a God?

    In Tamil, Ayan is another name of Lord Brahma as the God of Creation. The name Ayan is of Sanskrit, African, Arabic, Persian origins, which means it has more than one root. In Hebrew, Ayan meaning nothingness or peace. In Persian, it means notable.

    What means Ayan?

    Ayan is a Quranic name for both boys and girls and means “time”, “era”, epoch”, “age”, literally meaning “[the time] when”.This name is not used by Arabs due to its unusual grammar. It is used by non-Arab Muslims who like the way the word sounds.

    Is ishaan a good name?

    Although Ishaan is an ultra-popular name in the ultra-populated country of India, it is an extremely rare one here in the United States. The name only recently landed a position on the Top 1000 list of American baby boy names in 2008 and still resides near the bottom of the charts.

    Is AYRA a Hindu name?

    8 submissions from all over the world agree the name Ayra means “Goddess Saraswati” and is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin. A user from India says the name Ayra is of Hindu origin and means “breath of life”.

    What is AYRA in English?

    Name :Ayra. Meaning :The beginning, The principle, The breathe of life.

    Is Abdi a Somali name?

    The name Abdi is in the following categories: African American Names, African Names, Arabic Names, Muslim Names, Somali Names.

    Is Hani a Somali name?

    Hani is an attractive and underused Somali name, meaning ‘happy’. You can use this name as a short form of Hannah as well. It’s most famous bearer is Hani, the Korean singer of EXID group.

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