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Is Islamic Relief legitimate?

Is Islamic Relief legitimate?

Contrary to the allegations against us, Islamic Relief is a purely humanitarian organisation that delivers aid in strict compliance with humanitarian and international legal principles. …

What does Islamic Relief USA do?

Our Mission. Islamic Relief USA provides relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities and give them a voice in the world.

How does the Islamic Relief raise money?

It covers all the different ways we raise money including online appeals, fundraising events and activities, placing adverts, printing leaflets, coordinating volunteers, etc. For every £1 we spend on fundraising, we make £10 back, allowing us to reach even more people in need.

How much money does Islamic Relief keep?

How much do you spend on fundraising? There are lots of ways in which Islamic Relief raises funds and we spend just 9% of our income on fundraising. The money we invested to raise funds helped to generate an income of £130 million last year alone. For every 1p we spend on fundraising, we receive 10p back in donations.

Is Islamic Relief tax deductible?

Each donation to IRUSA is tax deductible as and to the extent allowed under applicable law, and represents a contribution to its mission of alleviating poverty and suffering wherever it is found, paying no heed to gender, race or creed.

Who funds Islamic Relief?

In 2017, Islamic Relief reported an income of £126 million which includes individual donations and institutional funding from DFID, UN agencies, USAID, and other partners. Inspired by Islamic humanitarian values, it works with Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the world.

How much of Islamic Relief donation goes to charity?

Financial Performance Metrics

Program Expenses (Percent of the charity’s total expenses spent on the programs and services it delivers) 87.1%
Administrative Expenses 3.6%
Fundraising Expenses 9.2%
Fundraising Efficiency $0.09
Working Capital Ratio (years) 0.38
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